Easter Breakfast: Resurrection Rolls

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These rolls are fantastic for Easter morning. They are a great visual of why we are celebrating!

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1 package frozen roll dough

Large marshmallows 

Melted butter

Cinnamon & sugar

Let dough rise.  Flatten a roll and wrap it around a marshmallow. Seal all of the edges very tightly. Roll it in the palm of your hand to smooth it into a ball. Roll in butter and cinnamon & sugar and place on well greased 9x13 glass dish. Let rise until double in size. 

If you want you can make them this far on Saturday evening and then store them in the fridge and put them in the oven on Easter morning.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. These sweet rolls are empty, just like the tomb on Easter morning! We love to serve them with scrambled eggs, fruit and yogurt. 

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How To Make Family Memories


Do you know how hard it is to smile with these masks on your face?🤣🤣

We had a blast and showing you with this video today that your memories don’t have to be grand, maybe this is just the perfect reminder with spring break around the corner. It doesn’t matter WHAT you do just THAT you do that makes the difference! 

Paper Bag Game


Fun Party Game For Groups! This game is a fantastic group game to throw in the mix of any party! The paper bag challenge is a great group game for all your parties and it's also great for all ages. Laugh and have some light-hearted fun with this elimination style party game!

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❤️ Jake and I on a beach in Italy. That day, we popped a roll of black & white film into our camera and played with the timer. We had been married 3 years. Young love! ....
❤️ This was before we felt the way our hearts could expand and love, the three boy pieces of our hearts, running around outside of our body. Before we experienced the kind of love that comes from loving your spouse, through thick and thin, for a really long time. Before we experienced the love that comes from having our own family friends that have lasted longer than seven years. Love grows over time. Love nurtured is the best kind of love.
❤️ "Loving people lasts. Loving them extravagantly, not stingy, that will last forever". - Bob Goff
❤️ Today I am feeling an increase of love just reflecting on the people in my life. Take a minute to reflect on your own relationships. The people you love. Let your heart swell. ...
❤️ Tell them.
❤️ Show them.
❤️ Love them.

Cracker Wacker - Group Game

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Learn how to play this high energy, super fun group game that is sure to bring laughter to your party! Make Christmas 2018 memorable! Sometimes even one game livens up the rest of the party! Throw this one into the mix to make sure your party is filled with fun! Looking for more group games? Check out some other new games here...



Christmas Smiles


Delivering smiles to an assisted living facility! We shared music and a Christmas message. All the way from polished piano pierces to last minute harmonica tunes. My mom heart sang and our kids saw that they can make a difference even when it isn’t perfect. 
#tryingeveryday #canigetanamen #twofamilesonemom

Stress Free Christmas


Anyone hoping for a little less stress? 🎄
Check out my new inspirational Christmas video about letting our heart be light at Christmas and giving the best gifts of all! 

For Christmas let your heart be light. Understand that the physiological gifts are more important at Christmas than the physical gifts. By allowing our hearts to be light we can experience a stress free Christmas and at the same time we are giving the best gifts that can be given at Christmas!

Watch this amazing Christmas video, What Shall We Give?

Best Parts Of Christmas


🎄What is your favorite part of Christmas? Tell me in the comments!

🎄Mine is found in the things we do. The programs, concerts, parties, time with family. This was my first ever candlelight nativity. It was fantastic! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tradition


Tradition holds so many amazing benefits, including making the holiday happier! So much of Christmas and our heart's desire is just to be home for the holidays.

Learn about what happens when we make tradition and ritual part of our Christmas. It will make you swell with a desire to create that home for the holidays feeling at your house for Christmas 2018!

Husband Guide To Gift Giving


For the gentlemen!! I made you a video to help you figure out what to buy you wife for Christmas!🎄In it there are ideas of ways to make your gift thoughtful and to help you also know, what NOT to get her!

Have you ever wondered if there are any rules when giving gifts to your wife? In this video, you'll find out a few basic questions to ask yourself when trying to come up with gift ideas!

Also, we talk about ways to help you jog your brain to think of Christmas gifts for her that are thoughtful. It really is more simple than you might think!

Here is an affiliate link to a gift idea list for women to help get you started! https://www.amazon.com/shop/myfriendm...