I Found Yoga When I Was 29


I was 29 when I found yoga. 9 months prior to finding yoga I had gotten in a car accident. My neck & back were so messed up that I couldn’t handle the regular noise my kids would make. Even the simple move of driving and looking side to side was challenging. I would wake up in the night from the pain. I iced, went to the chiropractor and rubbed all sorts of ointments on my neck. It was a long road. After nine months of care it improved but not back to normal. It still ached. 

It was then that I started yoga. I didn’t start it with the intention to help my neck. I just started because it felt good and I knew it was a great thing to do BUT what resulted for me was being able to completely return to pre-accident health. It was amazing. 

Since then yoga has always been a part of my life. I didn’t realize then all that it would bring me. It helps keep me young, it puts my body back in alignment if I am off, it has helped become less reactive, and more in tune and present to life outside of my own two eyes. It’s just kind of what makes me feel complete.


Yoga is like that. Because it requires us to be present with ourselves, we also receive mind benefits (OR in other words LIFE LESSONS) in addition to physical benefits.

Because it has this kind of an impact Alo Gives started a program to help people find yoga at a younger age. This is thrilling to me! 

It’s a free scholastic program designed for the classroom or at home with fun 5-minute videos that introduce kids to the mental & physical skills needed for social and emotional learning. 

So you can just go to their website to find a treasure trove of short videos to start introducing kids to yoga. WHAT A FANTASTIC RESOURCE! Thank you @alogives 

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Video Series: Meditation!

Mediataion pic.png

In this video Jasher, one of my yoga gurus, explains the benefits of mediation. He explains the benefits to help us understand what we can gain from meditating.

This is a two-part series. This first video is about the benefits of meditation and the second one is about how to meditate. You can find that video below.

To see more from Jasher go to

I also had a few other guests in this video!

Natalie Lynn with The Ripe Ruin

Kyle & Makenna Gott with Gott Love

They will share with you what they think about this meditation event on their own channel. Natalie sat down with Jasher to learn how about fear and mediation, why people are afraid of sitting with themselves and how to approach meditation if that is true for you. The Gott's will give you a real-life look at the behind the scenes and some insight to how they feel about being introduced to meditation.

Learn how to meditate with us! Jasher walks us through how to meditate and helps us understand some of the fundamental elements of meditation. There is so much power in meditation, it is life altering. It is totally worth your time to learn this art!

Great Music for meditation.


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Pick the 5 MOST beautiful things in the last 24 hrs - doing this practice TRICKS your brain. 🧠 It turns it upside down! I swear it is worth picturing those things in your brain right now. I know it’s gonna take some thought - but give it a try.

Forcing yourself to look 👀 in the past for beautiful things shifts the way the RIGHT NOW looks too. .
When we look at the past with gratitude we keep those lenses on our eyes 👀! Anyone ever heard of rose colored glasses? This is like putting on gratitude colored glasses. When you look for the beautiful things you can’t help continuing to see them!
. .
👇🏼Tell me at least one of the beautiful things you have seen in the last 24 hrs... one of God’s creations, an action, maybe it was a tiny miracle or maybe it’s more simple than that! .
Mine is observing the challenge that my youngest received in church to do something good for his family - so my youngest has been making his brother’s bed and leaving him notes and scavenger hunts. It’s crazy adorable and it’s for sure been an energy shift for those two brothers and it also ALLOWED me to witness something beautiful. .
Hoping this tiny practice opens you heart ♥️ and in the words of my youngest to his older brother, “have a fantabulous day!”

Millions of Forms

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One being with the potential of millions of forms. We can laugh, run, jump, play, sing, yell, dance. The list goes on!

When I heard these words in my class @behotyoga I felt power. The power to be strong and to focus on all the things I CAN do - all the forms that I CAN be. It’s interesting how in this world we can so quickly default to what we can’t do or what we are not. So often we let our minds get in the way! When we let that go we can soar! I loved thinking about my abilities & when I think of life from that angle I can see all the forms that I have the choice to take on. Millions of forms!

PS — did you guys see the movie, I Feel Pretty? It’s kinda like that. When she lets go of her doubt in herself she does amazing things. If you didn’t see it, GO! It was fantastic. 
Thank you for your inspiration! @jasherfeellove 

Breath = Easy

A World Full Of Light


"The brain is locked in total darkness, of course, children, says the voice. It floats in a clear liquid inside the skull, never in the light. And yet the world it constructs in the mind is full of light. It brims with color and movement. So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light?"                                        

-All The Light We Cannot See

It's always been fascinating to me that the world we live in truly consists of what happens inside our own brain. Of how much it is ultimately up to us to create a world that we love, a world where we want to be, a world full of light. Go on my friends, create a space you love. I promise you have it in you.

♥️ LOVE- It's a Choice ♥️



It’s a mindful choice. It’s something to put in place of other thoughts or feelings. Like fear, worry and stress. It’s a mindful choice that starts when you are alone with yourself and roars to life, if you let it, in the face of another emotion. It roars when you choose to let it exist when it’s hard to allow. But here’s the deal... if we practice love when it isn’t hard to love, then when it is hard to love, it is easier to get there.

Love this quote from my cute nephew. “Love is the only thing you get more of the more you give away.” Think about that for as long as it takes to for you to freely give it away.

Just. Be. Here.


Today in Yoga my guru Lisa @ Be Hot talked about where we spend our time. When we spend too much time in the past she suggested we are spinning through depression and when we spend too much in the future its stress. She encouraged us to embrace the present and to reside here, in right now. 

This is a reminder I need to revisit sometimes. I think we all do. It’s normal to feel stuck sometimes. It sucks but it is normal. Today, mostly after her pep talk, I needed to reflect on the things she said. 

While she talked about residing in the present, she also talked about doing things with our whole heart. Like not half your heart, the whole thing!  Remember the quote, "if you are going to do something, do it well” ?? Thats what I think of when I think of doing things with my whole heart. To do it right and put my energy into it, to feel it. 

Today, I was having one of those days when I just couldn’t put my whole heart into what I was trying to do. I was too busy playing around in the future. Although I wasn’t really playing - I was stressing. Which also looked like distraction and being unable to focus. Am I speaking anyone’s language? Have any of you been hanging out in the future? 

I had to pull it in. I even had to go do something else for a while that was still productive but didn’t require my whole heart, I went to the grocery store 😂  I went out into the sunshine and I listened to uplifting things. Then I prayed. All these things helped me get centered. They helped me let go of the stress, let go of my thoughts of the future and allowed me to be here. Present and back at it with my whole heart. Back where I can give and love. Back where I recognize that all I really have is today. Back in the present. Loving the right now.

XO my friends hoping you all live today in the present!