Yoga begs you to find more balance, literally and figuratively. ⁣

Yesterday in my yoga class @lilmisslisajean talked to us about communication and how oft times we forget the listening side of communication. We see it show up in our conversations with others and we also see it show up in forgetting to listen to ourselves, our bodies & our spirits. She encouraged us to be quiet and listen.⁣⠀
Being quiet allows for more reverence and awe. It allows the space we need for the messages that are for us. Such a great reminder. Thank you Lisa @behotyoga

I Found Yoga When I Was 29


I was 29 when I found yoga. 9 months prior to finding yoga I had gotten in a car accident. My neck & back were so messed up that I couldn’t handle the regular noise my kids would make. Even the simple move of driving and looking side to side was challenging. I would wake up in the night from the pain. I iced, went to the chiropractor and rubbed all sorts of ointments on my neck. It was a long road. After nine months of care it improved but not back to normal. It still ached. 

It was then that I started yoga. I didn’t start it with the intention to help my neck. I just started because it felt good and I knew it was a great thing to do BUT what resulted for me was being able to completely return to pre-accident health. It was amazing. 

Since then yoga has always been a part of my life. I didn’t realize then all that it would bring me. It helps keep me young, it puts my body back in alignment if I am off, it has helped become less reactive, and more in tune and present to life outside of my own two eyes. It’s just kind of what makes me feel complete.


Yoga is like that. Because it requires us to be present with ourselves, we also receive mind benefits (OR in other words LIFE LESSONS) in addition to physical benefits.

Because it has this kind of an impact Alo Gives started a program to help people find yoga at a younger age. This is thrilling to me! 

It’s a free scholastic program designed for the classroom or at home with fun 5-minute videos that introduce kids to the mental & physical skills needed for social and emotional learning. 

So you can just go to their website to find a treasure trove of short videos to start introducing kids to yoga. WHAT A FANTASTIC RESOURCE! Thank you @alogives 

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⛰ Grandeur = splendor & impressiveness. 
When we are influenced by grandeur it permeates our thoughts and the things we choose to see. 👓 
Wearing @glyder & choosing to be woman living with a go and do it spirit 

Teach Your Children To Go Within

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🧘🏻‍♀️Today in yoga: “A wise leader once told me to teach my children to go within, because no matter what path they choose when they are older, they will find me within them.” - @lilmisslisajean .

This practice, in my opinion, cannot be recommended enough. To take the time to teach your children to sit with themselves, to be OK being there, to breathe & to pay attention to what they feel inside. .

I do this to help my children push the reset button. I know it will be helpful to them when they are older but I now have a new perspective that when they older they will find me there, within their quiet contemplations. .

Lisa for real, thank you for your messages in yoga. They cause me to think and contemplate & I love to think and contemplate.♥️

Life Figured Out

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I have a fierce desire to remind you that none of us have life all figured out. This yoga pose - yeah I figured that out, BUT it doesn’t mean I have all yoga poses figured out or all the rest of life figured out! 
That is why we are all here. We have stuff to figure out. AND it doesn’t do any of us any good to go around thinking that people - no matter who they are - have life all figured out. 
This is the beauty of life. The figuring out. This is what brings us real emotion and forces us to grow and gives us a desire to share and help others with the things that we do have figured out. 
So whatever you don’t have figured out right now, accept it as your next thing to figure out. You are not the only one going through what you are figuring out and you are not the only one figuring! ♥️ Sending love & reassurance that you can figure this out! 😘



Doing my best to E..X..T..E..N..D....... these last days of summer. I adore it. I adore seeing my kids faces more, hanging with them and less on the schedule!! But...... I am totally looking forward to working on some things I have been up to lately! - 
To me it’s interesting how many challenges can be right in front of our face but at the same time to be excited about all the good. HOPE is a forever need in our lives. Do any and all things you need to to continue to renew hope in your life all.the.time! It’s what gets us through the challenges and helps us to create new. Looking forward to the next phase with tons of hope!

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Glyder's Latest

Not My Favorite: Utkatasana


Chair is never a pose I do on my own accord. It’s just not my favorite, it never has been. Weird huh? Like of all the poses in yoga? 🧘🏻‍♀️ Here’s a secret though. One day my yoga teacher @lilmisslisajean taught me, that the pose you resist most is the one you need most. 🤣 Of course it is, right?

But you know, since that day I do this pose differently. Instead of resisting, I accept and it makes all the difference. I think I will forever “need” utkatasana!

Positive Vibes


💫Surrounding ourselves with positive messages and vibes is absolutely necessary to keep our thoughts and 🧠 in a good place. 

I love how @glyderapparel encourages women to live life without limits and to discard the words “I can’t” from our vocabulary. I love their message to empower women. I am thrilled to be a #GlyderGirl 🙌🏼


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Pick the 5 MOST beautiful things in the last 24 hrs - doing this practice TRICKS your brain. 🧠 It turns it upside down! I swear it is worth picturing those things in your brain right now. I know it’s gonna take some thought - but give it a try.

Forcing yourself to look 👀 in the past for beautiful things shifts the way the RIGHT NOW looks too. .
When we look at the past with gratitude we keep those lenses on our eyes 👀! Anyone ever heard of rose colored glasses? This is like putting on gratitude colored glasses. When you look for the beautiful things you can’t help continuing to see them!
. .
👇🏼Tell me at least one of the beautiful things you have seen in the last 24 hrs... one of God’s creations, an action, maybe it was a tiny miracle or maybe it’s more simple than that! .
Mine is observing the challenge that my youngest received in church to do something good for his family - so my youngest has been making his brother’s bed and leaving him notes and scavenger hunts. It’s crazy adorable and it’s for sure been an energy shift for those two brothers and it also ALLOWED me to witness something beautiful. .
Hoping this tiny practice opens you heart ♥️ and in the words of my youngest to his older brother, “have a fantabulous day!”


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🌺 I am not perfect, I am real. 🌺 I hope you tell yourself that when that ugly little voice pops in your head showing up just long enough to get you down. 

I think its interesting that you might be the person who either:

🔹looks at a photo like this and declares, “Becky, look at her butt!” 🤔 Thinking, how does she dare post a photo like that of herself on the internet!!!


🔹looks at a photo like this and thinks what the heck is she talking self love for, she’s perfect! She has no idea!

What's interesting is that no matter where you are at physically, you can always find someone in better or worse condition than you. This is the part I am talking about. Wherever you are on that spectrum be kind to yourself. Loving yourself is the first step toward being healthy. Recognize the ugly voice for what it is and what it makes you and CHOOSE TO LISTEN to the nice little voice that scatters flowers all over in your brain! I loved when I saw a quote a long time ago from saying, “You are not fat, you have fat. You are not fingernails, you have fingernails. ” (It stayed with me!👏🏼)

👓Focus on standing in a place where you accept who you are, independent of what you have. Hoping to spread a little self ♥️ into your life.