I hesitated calling one of my main categories on my website "WISDOM."  I remember when I was in my early twenties and I watched Oprah interview Nelson Mandela. The one thing that really stuck with me was that he said, he knew enough to really know how little he knows.  At the time I really thought about this. I took an inventory of my life.  I had experienced many things at a very young age and I had been told by many people who were close to me that I knew so much about life.  I guess those compliments got to my head because I quite agreed with them.  Not in an arrogant way, but in a graceful, accepting the compliment way.  But within all that grace I can see how because "I did know a lot" it clouded my vision and I was unaware of all that I didn't know.  I think a little of that arrogance also comes with age.  When you are young it is easy to think you "know it all."  As we age we begin to see how much there is to life that we really don't know. It is like the cliche, the more we know, the more we know we don't know! 

As I type this my brain is ticking thinking about wether or not you can think you are wise and in the same moment be humble, even in a graceful way. It was this thought that tripped me when I thought of naming a category wisdom.  Like, "hey look over here at all the things I know! " I had to differentiate that when I put my wisdom out there to be seen of all people, I am certainly not stating that, "I know it all," unlike my early twenty something might have led you to believe. But rather, that when I put my wisdom out there it is simply me sharing my experiences.  So even though I state this, I was fearful of my readers perspective.  Would they think of me as a "know it all?" So through all of this woman brain activity, I found a quote that said, "wisdom comes from experience and should be shared."  This was it.  I completely agree.  It especially resonates with me because I believe that neat things happen when we share with each other.  It is liberating and humanizing.  When we share with each other our life is different, both for the one who shares and for the recipient of the knowledge.  

Also, on the topic of wisdom, is one of my favorite philosophies in life.  It is about birthdays. Trust me, wisdom and birthdays have a lot to do with each other.  

In many languages outside of English when asked your age, instead of asking, "how old are you?" the translation to English is, "how many years do you have?"  I love knowing about this.  In the English way of asking about age, it is negative and maybe even rude, referring to the obvious, you're not young anymore and there is eminent decay and death lurking around the corner of getting older!  LOL!  While, within other cultures the very way of asking about age connotes a culmination of their life. How many years do you have, automatically refers to their wisdom, it refers to their experiences that have made them who they are, about their children and the beautiful energy they spent raising a family or about their great accomplishments in life.  

Like the rings of a tree, how much we life have is beautiful.  It shows our wisdom that has come through heartache, joy, effort, and perseverance.  Our rings show all that we put into living everyday, all that we put into experiencing. That is one of the most beautiful things in life, that we are allowed to accumulate experiences.  And that our experiences allow us to accumulate wisdom.