Christmas Tradition: Praying For Families You Love

I know it is the age of electronics and sharing pictures and keeping friends & family up to date comes with ease.  I get that this sort of negates the "need" of updating everyone at Christmas. HOWEVER, there is nothing like receiving incredible, beautiful, tangible cards at Christmas time!  The mail at Christmas is one of the very best parts of Christmas!  

So what do you do with the cards at your house?  Oh, how I love to display them in my home and to walk by them often.  We also started doing something years ago that contributes to this incredible tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards.  

At our house, each night in December, we take turns praying for families. 

Whoever is praying gets to choose the family that we pray for. It can be any family, but, it is the Christmas cards that we peruse as we carefully choose who we want to pray for.  We talk about each member in the family by name and what they night be dealing with, and then I get to hear the most incredible sweet prayers come from the lips of my family members while they ask our Father to bless, help and love the members of the family that we are praying for.  

OK, OK, so this announcement looks really good on our family, BUT please know that is not why I am sharing this!  IT is because what comes from this event is more important.  AND I have to admit that it is somewhat selfish.  I am sure that God blesses the family we pray for BUT I get to see what it does for mine.  IT helps us have compassionate warm hearts.  IT helps us to think of others. IT helps us to love.

This is one of my favorite traditions hands down. Here's to having a warm heart at Christmas!