Easter Breakfast: Resurrection Rolls

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These rolls are fantastic for Easter morning. They are a great visual of why we are celebrating!

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1 package frozen roll dough

Large marshmallows 

Melted butter

Cinnamon & sugar

Let dough rise.  Flatten a roll and wrap it around a marshmallow. Seal all of the edges very tightly. Roll it in the palm of your hand to smooth it into a ball. Roll in butter and cinnamon & sugar and place on well greased 9x13 glass dish. Let rise until double in size. 

If you want you can make them this far on Saturday evening and then store them in the fridge and put them in the oven on Easter morning.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. These sweet rolls are empty, just like the tomb on Easter morning! We love to serve them with scrambled eggs, fruit and yogurt. 

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Cracker Wacker - Group Game

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Learn how to play this high energy, super fun group game that is sure to bring laughter to your party! Make Christmas 2018 memorable! Sometimes even one game livens up the rest of the party! Throw this one into the mix to make sure your party is filled with fun! Looking for more group games? Check out some other new games here...

Christmas Smiles


Delivering smiles to an assisted living facility! We shared music and a Christmas message. All the way from polished piano pierces to last minute harmonica tunes. My mom heart sang and our kids saw that they can make a difference even when it isn’t perfect. 
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Stress Free Christmas


Anyone hoping for a little less stress? 🎄
Check out my new inspirational Christmas video about letting our heart be light at Christmas and giving the best gifts of all! 

For Christmas let your heart be light. Understand that the physiological gifts are more important at Christmas than the physical gifts. By allowing our hearts to be light we can experience a stress free Christmas and at the same time we are giving the best gifts that can be given at Christmas!

Watch this amazing Christmas video, What Shall We Give?

Christmas Tradition


Tradition holds so many amazing benefits, including making the holiday happier! So much of Christmas and our heart's desire is just to be home for the holidays.

Learn about what happens when we make tradition and ritual part of our Christmas. It will make you swell with a desire to create that home for the holidays feeling at your house for Christmas 2018!

Video: Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Merry Christmas! Check out how easy I have made your shopping this year! Christmas shop with me and find creative ideas for the people on your lists for Christmas 2018.

In this video, I will show you how I have created gift ideas for all categories to fit your shopping needs. Below is my affiliate link to my Amazon influencer page. You can see the gift idea lists here...

Also, here are some of my other Christmas videos!

Video: Group Game Poop The Potato

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This is a group game that will bring fun and lively interaction for all of your parties! Make the holiday 2018 season memorable by adding some fun and laughter into the mix! This game, poop the potato, is sure to help with that!

New games are fun! Check out another great group game here...

Happy Holidays!

Easter Morning Sunrise


This might be my absolute favorite family tradition. Each year we do it a little different. So I will provide you with a basic outline and then you can go from there.

If it were me and it's my first time doing this with my fam this is how I would do it. Pack chairs and blankets the night before and pick out a spot. Also get your music ready beforehand. Print lyrics (provided below) and make a playlist. Make sure you have a speaker you can take with you and that it is charged. 

The idea is to arrive well before sunrise in case it takes time to hike or get set up and so forth. Instruct everyone that once you arrive to move around as quietly as possible. Set up your chairs facing the direction of the sunrise. Pass out your music lyrics. The most ideal situation is to quietly sing together before the sunrise and then to play incredible, soft music and allow everyone to sit in quiet reflection as the sun is actually rising. 

For the music,

Music hands down enhances this experience. I love this combo. Sing these 6 songs together before the sunrises and then to play the music from the album below, Hidden In My Heart. 

Ok here is the deal with the music. I have tried to make an iTunes playlist for you guys but iTunes doesn't carry the songs that I would like to give you so I created this youtube playlist instead. (Minus the song He Is Risen) It will not work if you are somewhere that you will not get service. In that case you will have to sing a cappella and buy the CD Hidden In My Heart Volume III. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 3.24.00 PM.png

However with that being said, can I just say that this CD deserves to be played all the way through on Easter Morning? It is for sure one of my favs. And I am funny about music around Easter. For me it's like Christmas. I listen to ONLY Easter music at Easter. I love what is does for me. It completely enhances the season for me. SO, for sure this is a favorite and it's not available on iTunes. I put a few of the tracks on the YouTube playlist but only a couple were available. BUT the whole thing is amazing, so I also provided an affiliate link for this CD down below.  


Here are the lyrics for the songs to sing together.

So that is for your first Easter Morning Sunrise! 👏🏼 👏🏼  It is amazing, promise it's worth it.

For the years to come you can just see what you are feeling like. One year we were really focusing on miracles in our life. We had a few activities leading up to the sunrise and that morning we set our chairs up in a circle and sang The Miracle song and then we shared the miracles we have witnessed in our life. Then we have had some years that we just watched the sunrise on our front lawn. You will see that you can accommodate it to what is going on for your family that year. It is a fantastic tradition.


Easter music & where to get it.

Here are two affiliate links for the top two Easter albums at our house. Neither of them are available on iTunes....






Here is an Easter playlist that I made from iTunes that I can share with you.

Here is another one of my favorites at Easter that is on iTunes, Lamb of God.

I so hope they fill your home with praise and joy. Happy Easter my friends.

Family Questions Game: Valentines


This makes for such a fun night / activity to get to know each other better. There are some questions that are golden in this line up, like...

  • Explain to your mom and dad what you know of "their story" - how they met, stories from their dates, their proposal and marriage.
  • If you had to live with another family besides your own for one year, who would you choose?
  • What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
  • Have you ever been teased at school?
  • Grade your parents - tell them how they are doing - what is working and what you would like for them to work on.
  • What is your best memory with each other?

There is a whole list of them that you can print by clicking on the button below. You can print just on regular paper or you can print on colored card stock, cut in strips and glue a heart at one end and a popsicle stick on the other. It makes for a fun family dinner to draw them out and answer while going around the table. It's a great reminder to talk to each other about things that help us really know each other.  Ramp up the love y'all! 

I Love You Because...


I love you because..... try this one. Try to finish this sentence when you are around the ones you love. Tell them! They need to hear it. It’s a good challenge going into valentines. ♥️
Ramp up the love y’all! It’s Valentines!