My Mouth's Best Friend

My friend Jen handed me one of these beautiful versions of a toothpick a few weeks back after we had lunch together.  I am in love with them!  I keep them in my car, my bathroom, my kitchen and in my office desk.  I keep having dreams of going to my dentist appointment and finding out that my gums have improved dramatically!  These tiny little trees on the ends leave my teeth feeling cleaner than brushing and flossing and you know what? I can tell my teeth have improved.  I generally have pretty white teeth -- BUT imnotgonnalie, by my gums, not so. My teeth have always been a little darker in color by my gums. I can totally see such a huge difference in just a few weeks.  

Plus I love cleaning my teeth as I drive!!! Honestly I am only a 50% flosser.  I know I should be better and I always am better after I have gone to the dentist. Like a roller coaster. Isn't all of life like that? But now I can do it when I drive, I just pull one of these beauties out and give a little love to my teeth.  EASY! I love it!  It is stimulating my gums and cleaning my teeth. And something I can do while accomplishing other tasks which is a huge bonus in my book.  

I got mine at Amazon. Happy smiles WITH incredibly clean teeth!