Ukulele Love

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👭This is my cousin. She’s one of those people who leaves you better than the way she found you. 🎉 No matter if you are an adult or a kid! That is such a goal for me, I admire her for that. 🎼She also happens to be bomb at playing the ukulele and she wrote a book 📚that is absolutely packed with ukulele songs of all genres. And the best part about this book in my opinion? Every chord for each song is printed on each page! That makes playing the ukulele a piece of cake! I mean you can pick it up and start, so easy! Even kids catch on fast! It even has stars on the table of contents to let you know difficulty level for each song. Anyway it’s awesome, so I thought I would share. 

PS practicing from a book that also works without WiFi, unlike some awesome apps, is key to being able to play no matter where you go! Here’s to time away, singing at the lake or by the campfire, wherever your summer takes you! 🔥

Video: My #1 Product Silver!

Man Crate!

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Oh this company brings so much joy!  So happy to work with them. They stuff these crates full of all things MAN! Shaving, beard care, hunting, fishing, golf, jerky, grilling -- I promise the list goes on!  Then the guys are so thrilled to open the crate, it brings out all the primitive man instincts! SO. MUCH. FUN! Like if your guy doesn't laugh when he opens this or the cement covered gift cards then we need to talk!  They love it! 

Christmas Light Changers

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These are fun for Christmas. Have you guys ever seen them before? They are glasses that turn the lights you see into shapes. The first time I ever saw these my Mom did a cute devotional Christmas Eve using the ones that change the light into the shape of a star ⭐️ and she talked all about the star in Bethlehem on the first Christmas night. 
That’s just a little idea to get your brain thinking. 
Now I just keep these next to my tree 🌲 and the kiddos and guests have lots of fun with them. I just love knowing about fun stuff like this at Christmas. What things are you loving?

PS they are from Hobby Lobby years ago - they don’t carry them anymore - On Amazon you can buy a 10 pack of paper ones for $20.

Video: Understanding Men / Taming The Intense Woman

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Ladies, would you ever say to a girlfriend, "Heaven help me with the male gender!" ??

For real, I think at some point we all would and today I am telling you about some of that help!

Trina is amazing. For me to really share all that I got out of her course it would take me a couple hours and some honest deep reflection, or I could always refer to the 9 page journal entry I made about the course after finishing!

It is information that I know I will need to revisit often, because I'm human. But the essentials are now just a part of my life & I LOVE IT! I love the intensity of love it has brought to my marriage -- promise it's worth it!

Panache Swimsuits

As far as swimsuits go, mine have to have a bra! Its just the way it is with me, my age and sadly in this society where many ladies have an augmentation, I don't. Not really sad about the fact that I don't have one, I'm just stating "sad" because augmentation is the norm and our society is pretty wrapped up in body image. But as far as I go, personally, its just I don't have the natural lift I once had. I have nursed four babies and so glad I did. PLUS even if you still have a lot of that natural lift going on, if you don't take care of it you loose it! Just ask my cute Columbian friend, Caroll, who shared with me that all of the ladies in Columbia sleep with a full on bra so they don't loose their lift over time! (PS when she told me this I started to sleep with a sports bra, a little more comfy, and I swear it made a difference. Like, I promise you!)

So back to the topic at hand, SWIMSUITS!  I love finding a good suit, it just makes you feel great! I have been wearing panache suits for about 10 years now and I am so thrilled that this company exists! I love that when I take off my clothes (in front of people 😂 ) I have the support I need, Thank you Panache for your quest to help women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful!

Awesome Yard Game: Kubb

Our family loves yard games! Seriously we own about every lawn and catch & release game you can think of. We love ladder golf, bocce ball, badminton, croquet and the like! This one, Kubb, is going down in the books as an top favorite. It was a hit and all ages and activity levels can play.

The object is to take out the king in the middle, but you can't do that until you knock down all the kubbs on the opposite side. As the game goes on they move and switch sides for various reasons. It's pretty fantastic. 

We had a little debate on how to say the name. Is it cube, cub, cubee? We don't know but we love it! Think horshoes in the level of activity but there is more involved with strategy and a larger playing area plus you can play with 2-6 players. We actually had 9 so we made 3 teams of three and rotated through while the off team sat on the side lines and cheered. Seriously it is a great find! Plus it would make a great gift if you are looking for one!


You can get it at Amazon, surprise! Here is the link wink

Video: Fascia Rolling!

Rolling out Fascia has been a something for me that I feel blessed to have learned about. To get your own roller go here.

Type in the code MESHA and get a discount on anything you purchase through the store. 

For the Fascia lecture by Anthony, go here.

PLEASE share your comments about your experience with fascia rolling below! 

Thank you! 


My Swimsuits Best Friend

There is a lot going on in the rubbing department when we mix skin and water! Heaven forbid we through in a little salt and sand! Bodyglide and Tend are must haves for any beach/water vacation. 

For my boys Bodyglide works to help prevent the redness and rubbing that occurs between the legs when running in and out of salt water all day. Usually I have them apply it in the morning and it lasts all day. A day without this at the beach with my kiddos sends us home with red, sore dryness between their legs. When we discovered this the boys had relief! This could also be used to prevent rubbing from lifejackets or boogie boards and the like. Anywhere there is skin irritation from rubbing. Preferably using it to prevent irritation.

For me, its my bikini line. The Bodyglide saves me from the rubbing and irritation! I apply it the same as the boys, before we head out to swim, only I use it salt or no salt. It forms a layer of protection and allows me to be in a swimsuit all week if necessary on vacation! 

The tend I use a little differently. It helps to prevent shaving irritation and is basically aftershave, for girls! Only, anyone can use it wherever you experience bumps or irritation from shaving. So I use this just after I shave on my bikini line. My skin type thanks me! 

The combo of these two products has made beach and lake days more playful. So happy to know about them. 😁 Hoping it makes your playtime more enjoyable!

Muscle Care

These cures are tried and tested.  I have used them for years and will always have them on hand. I am super active and have a family of soccer loving fanatics.  We have gone the rounds with pulls, strains, sprains and sore and achy muscles. These products have helped us repair. They all do something a little different so I'll walk you through the benefits of each of these beauties.



Get it at the health food sore or the link below at Amazon. 

This little jar will last you a very long time. depending on your injuries and the amount of people using it, it can last for 1 to 2 years. Just a note; I prefer the gel over the roll on. Much better!

The way it works: 

It reduces inflammation in the muscle & it increases blood flow to the area you apply it. Both of these things allow healing to happen faster.  It also rids the area of free radicals.

  • Free radicals are electrons that are not attached to a proton or a neutron in the body. They travel through the body and disrupt the normal functions of protons and neutrons that already have electrons. This is why health advice recommends eating antioxidants, like blueberries. Antioxidants help rid your body of free radicals, keeping the body balanced with the amount of electrons that we have. Free radicals are the cause of lots of things that go awry in the body including injury and inflammation.

DMSO also aids in absorption. So whatever you put on your skin after the DMSO is like a straight shot into the area.  This is important to know so that you can choose wisely what you put on your skin after applying DMSO OR to even think about what might already be on your skin before you apply it. The deep blue product from DoTerra also comes in an oil.  You could apply this right after the DMSO for immediate absorption.

DMSO has many other uses. For now we will just focus on sore or strained muscles.


Get it from doTERRA or the Amazon link below.

This is a cream, a little goes a long way. My friend Angie refers to this stuff as "pure gold."

The way it works:

Deep Blue is a muscle relief cream. It creates a sensation on the skin called a counterirritant. This creates a hot or cold sensation that overpowers the pain. In Deep Blues' case it is cooling. It does smell like menthol but the smell quickly fades as it dries and soaks into the skin.  It soothes and relaxes muscles and helps relieve aches in the joints. I used this ALL THE TIME after a car accident that I had. The muscles in my back and neck were injured so badly that I often described them as being, "on fire." This, along with frequent icing helped me function, getting through the day and sleeping at night.


Get this from your local country store such as IFA or from the Amazon link below. 

My family affectionitly refers to this analgesic gel as, "the horse stuff."  A little also goes a long way with this gel. My friend Jodi who is a massage therapist introduced me to this one. Her boys all carry a mini version in their soccer backpacks. It is such a great thing to have on hand on the field, or court, or whatever it is that you play on! It is made for horses but safe for use on humans.

The way it works:

This gel is similar to Deep Blue only it's half the price. It feels cool and soothing, helping to relieve pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. It smells like spearmint and the scent also fades as it dries. The difference between this and Deep Blue is that the horse stuff is stronger. It goes deeper into the muscle and lasts longer. When I used this for the first time I was at a soccer game, as a spectator. My thighs were screaming at me from a workout and I had been using Deep Blue on them.  My friend Jodi put some horse stuff in my hand and I went in the bathroom and rubbed it in. I experienced relief that I was not getting with the Deep Blue. I still use the Deep Blue for light relief, (it can also be used for headaches.) I like the way Deep Blue goes on better but when I want real relief I reach for the horse stuff.


Get this from any drugstore or from the Amazon link below.

Epsom salt is available almost anywhere you shop. You can buy any kind. Some are scented and are a treat that way if you like to take scented baths. Some have claims, like this one that it helps detoxify and energize, I'm not so sure about that. For the purpose of taking an epsom salt bath any epsom salt will do.

The way it works:

The way this works is actually debatable!  I am going to give you the science and my thoughts. So epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, which can be taken orally. When taken orally it helps as a laxative, keeps blood pressure normal, produces energy and helps in detoxification -- just a few claims of what magnesium can do.

So the big debate comes over the question, is it actually raising your magnesium levels when our skin is exposed to it? OR can we only receive the benefits if taken orally? In other words can we absorb it in a bath and receive the benefits? Science argues that the salt is not something that is easily passable through skin. Others argue that they and their clients have seen tremendous benefits with soaking in a bath of epsom salt. Scientific findings vs age old remedy.

For me, I support the latter. I am also fully aware of placebo and the potential for it, and honestly, I'm ok with that. Soaking in a hot bath is going to feel relaxing and calming regardless if epsom salt is in your bath or not.  The salt makes me feel better, so I use it. I also believe that our skin is responsible for absorbing many things in our environment. I wish we could predict what passes and what doesn't but it just makes sense to me that we are constantly absorbing, yes some things more than others BUT just because science hasn't published proof doesn't mean that it won't in the future. Go with your gut on this one!

So which remedy do I use??

If you are dealing with sore muscles, I would take a hot bath. Then, depending on the severity of your soreness I would use Deep Blue or Veterinary Liniment. 

If you are dealing with an injury stay away from the heat and ice it! Alternate between icing, DMSO and Veterinary Liniment. Also see this post on bioelectric stimulus at home. It can also help  you recover from injuries! Hoping you feel better soon!