Important Lessons To Teach Your Kids

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My Dad always joked that he wished kids came with a manual! How great that would be! Here are some ideas of what I think might be in that manual of lessons to teach your children. The deal is, that the things we struggle with as adults are really the same things kids need to learn too, the circumstances just look a little different. Here is to constant improvement no matter what our age!

Anniversary Idea

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πŸ₯‚ Yesterday we celebrated our twentieth anniversary! We spent the day on the beach with our kids and then took them to dinner and told them β€œour story.” So. Many. Feels. So many details they never knew. I am so happy that they can learn so much just by knowing our story. So much they can learn about us AND about life & girls. πŸ˜†

It really is so amazing to share YOUR story with your kids. It’s so good for them to hear the stories of the building blocks that lay the foundation of their parents relationship AND it is so good to be reminded of all your first emotions. πŸ’₯ β™₯️
I love our story @jake.mckittrick I happily choose another 20. βŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈ


Helping Siblings Get Along


How can I get my kids to stop fighting? Are you over the sibling rivalry and you just want your kids to stop fighting? I have a fun tip for you to help kids be nice and to teach kids not to fight. Plus it will be sure to create memories for your kids they will remember forever! Stay tuned till the end to find more tips and things you can do to help them to stop fighting. Parenting is tough. Getting parent training and parent advice will help you to create a happy home! Stay positive on your journey and keep trying my friend!

Video: Moody Teens & How To Help Them

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Bringing you some ideas on helping you deal with your teenagers and their moods! Teens are thrown a curveball everyday dealing with hormones and feelings they have never had to manage before.

In this video I am sharing some of the most SIMPLE ways you can help them. Instead of walking on eggshells around them be invested and show up for your child! Watching this video might help you see that dealing with your teenager might be more simple than you thought.

Video: Help Your Kids Push The Reset Button On Their Brain

Video: Teach Your Kids To Clean Counters & Floors

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Do you want a simple and easy way to teach your kids how to clean the kitchen? This is a fantastic trick that gives kids a visual when it comes to cleaning the counters and sweeping the floors.

I have heard that you have to teach a child 7 times to clean a specific area. 7 times! That is a lot, it takes a minute for them to get it! So be patient and do things like this! It will help them learn so much faster, plus it's not much time on your part! Best of luck teaching how to get things spick and span!

Video: How To Punish Your Kids

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Parent your kids with wisdom by allowing them to pick their punishment! Don't worry, it doesn't let them off the hook. You guide them and help them understand the gravity of their choice by making sure the punishment they choose is a good fit.

It's something my Dad did with me. It allows your kids to understand consequence and that their path is coming from their choices. This tactic starts to get into their head so they think before they act!

Passing On - Hard Work and Values Through Apricots

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🍊A kind neighbor shared their bounty with us. We love apricots! 
We had so many we had to do something with them. This year we decided to give dehydrating them a shot. I involved the whole family. I’m so hoping they will thank me someday because heaven knows they don’t now. 
Even though I would not have said, that sitting in my Grandmothers kitchen snapping beans and shelling peas, was fun for me as a young girl, I would say, that I have fond memories of doing it. It taught me the value of hard work and planted wholesome seeds of the importance of growing and storing our own food. 
So hoping my boys get a shred of something like that! Do you make your kiddos help with projects like this in the kitchen?

Video: Summer System! Calendar Flow

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