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Video: Lagoon at Quail Lake

Paddle Boarding Season & Sun

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my friend malea

I am excited something serious for paddle boarding season to get here! Some weirdos, aka Dig Paddle Sports, paddle all year round here in Southern Utah, BUT not me! If I go in, I at least want the sun to warm me up when I jump back on my board! But you know what, I am missing it something fierce, maybe those weirdos will rub off on me! (PS I really do love weirdos -- I completely fit in that category! Just a prank.)

As I am longing for the sunny season I did a little research, about the sun. Exposure to the sun gives our body the ability to make vitamin D.  We all make the vitamin at different rates and depending where we live in relation to the equator. Many of us can get the exposure we need to make all the vitamin D our bodies can make in just 15 minutes, just keep that in mind all you sun worshipping friends of mine, 15 minutes! More on that here.  This stuff is so fascinating for me! 

My favorite benefits from vitamin D are:

  • It strengthens our immune system
  • It helps us fight depression

It's the happy vitamin! Plus your body can make up to 25,000 IU each day while supplement recommendations are 400 to 1,000 IU each day. THAT is a crazy difference! It's actually hard on your liver to clean out excessive amounts of vitamin D supplements -- So don't go overdosing thinking that will make you happy! 

Sun exposure is just a prime example to me of balance! Get enough sun exposure to boost happiness and yet don't overindulge and give yourself cancer!!

PS -- did you know that sunscreen rapidly slows your body's ability to make vitamin D? So sunscreen + a day on the lake might be the right equation for me. However, sunscreens only truly protect you from one of three types of skin cancer, so actually covering up with clothes and a hat is your best protection. Dang! Now come out Mr Sun so we can play with you! ...Responisibly!