Falling In Yoga


Are you aware of the mental benefits from yoga? I'm telling ya this is why yoga is so great! There is so much real-life application. it has helped me to be a better person.

Check out what I learned about life from falling in yoga!

Thank you to my yoga guru for teaching and believing in me ♥️ If you want to find more from her you can check out

How Did You Die by Edmund Vance Cooke

Did you tackle that trouble that came your way

With a resolute heart and cheerful?

Or hide your face from the light of day

With a craven soul and fearful?

Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,

Or a trouble is what you make it,

And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts,

But only how did you take it?

You are beaten to earth?

Well, well, what's that?

Come up with a smiling face.

It's nothing against you to fall down flat,

But to lie there -- that's disgrace.

The harder you're thrown, why the higher you bounce;

Be proud of your blackened eye! It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts,

It's how did you fight -- and why?

And though you be done to the death,

what then? If you battled the best you could,

If you played your part in the world of men,

Why, the Critic will call it good.

Death comes with a crawl,

or comes with a pounce,

And whether he's slow or spry,

It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts,

But only how did you die?

♥️ Sending you light and peace!



❤️ Jake and I on a beach in Italy. That day, we popped a roll of black & white film into our camera and played with the timer. We had been married 3 years. Young love! ....
❤️ This was before we felt the way our hearts could expand and love, the three boy pieces of our hearts, running around outside of our body. Before we experienced the kind of love that comes from loving your spouse, through thick and thin, for a really long time. Before we experienced the love that comes from having our own family friends that have lasted longer than seven years. Love grows over time. Love nurtured is the best kind of love.
❤️ "Loving people lasts. Loving them extravagantly, not stingy, that will last forever". - Bob Goff
❤️ Today I am feeling an increase of love just reflecting on the people in my life. Take a minute to reflect on your own relationships. The people you love. Let your heart swell. ...
❤️ Tell them.
❤️ Show them.
❤️ Love them.

Be A Better Man


Last week a close friend of ours got married. Since meeting “her” my friend has made significant changes to his own life. His response to my excitement and even my questions for him was, “Mesh, she just makes me want to be a better man.” Wow. What a statement. It made me think of my own life and my desire to be the “her” for my guy that makes him want to be a better man. It is powerful to think of what that looks like.

Sharing with you in hopes that it too makes you think of ways to be the woman that makes your man (or vise versa) want to be better, not to change for you, but to be so moved and inspired by you that he has a desire to show up better in his life. ❌⭕️


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my friend jen

Have any of you been doing the January thing? You know the evaluating and declaring your goals thing. The figuring out of the things you want to let go of or be more committed to thing. 
I’m choosing one. I know it sounds maybe a little like a copout but I think if I can do this one thing it would really change so much for me. And plus I feel like if I choose only one real goal I will do it well. 
Sure I might make other “intentions” but really the one goal I want to make a new part of my life this year I am calling Mesha mornings. It’s time for me, time before any distractions. Time to be present to whatever comes to me. I am going to do my spiritual reading, prayer, journaling and listening during this time. I am not allowing my phone or anything else really into this space. I am pumped to make this a priority.

How about you? If you were choosing just one thing that you know would make a difference for you, what would that be?

Tell me! Because part of the reason I am telling you is because once you really declare it or record it somewhere is when it becomes real. What is your most important goal this year?

Show Up In Your Life!


A little motivational poem for the resolutions you have been thinking about! This poem will help you evaluate your life to figure out where you owe it to yourself to show up! Hoping it motivates you and helps you think positively towards what you want to create for your life. Your life is always worth looking at when you remember that who you are becoming is more important than who you have been!

Wonderful World


Hi all! Just popping in to remind you how WONDERFUL our world really is. 

This morning I heard on the radio about something called the Carnegie Hero Award. Have you ever heard of this? It’s amazing. It is an award given to a civilian who voluntarily risks his or her life to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the life of another person. AND to top off the heroism, the other person has to be someone that the hero is not responsible for, or in most cases complete strangers. 

The stories are heartwarming. And the most WONDERFUL part about all of this is that the commission receives many submissions per year, making it quiite the process with whom they should choose to receive the awards. 

These are acts where people didn’t have time to think or to calculate, they just acted because it was in them to do so. To me, those split second decisions are a measure of where our hearts lie. It is WONDERFUL to know that so many people act in crisis moments proving that there is so much good in this WONDERFUL world.

So if you need a little proof of the goodness in this world or a little heart warming, go read some of the stories. When we look for WONDERFUL, we find WONDERFUL. #neverstoplooking
PC @jennisyen

People & Joy


People. I asked my kids last night what they think brings joy into our life and one of their brilliant answers was: People. 


Old friends and new friends bring energy. Making sure we are positively contributing to those relationships will help those with that same energy want to stick around. 

Some relationships are negative and bring you down. Focus on your energy ratio. If you have a 5 to 1 ratio (positive vs negative) - meaning for every 1 negative interaction we have 5 positive interactions you will soar with your own energy. Be mindful of this and take self care seriously. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to expose yourself to positive thought. Do it. It will make a difference! #keepasmileonyourface 

And cheers to new friends! They keep life interesting!!

Video: How To Handle Hate Comments

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Is there someone in your life that throws you hateful, snide, rude, insulting or belittling comments? It stinks. I have a solution for you!

REMEMBER: those comments say more about them then it does about you. How you respond? That is about you!

Just 8 words. And a little bit of love. Seriously you guys this has helped me so much! And it is a great way to get the other person thinking about those verbal stabs they are throwing!

Birthday Perspective

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One year older? It's ok I promise! We just have to see it from the place of all we have! Staying in place of gratitude and appreciation can help us have all the great feels. Even our struggles help us to become something amazing. We have to trust that our path is for us - then we can see it all differently!