Jam Making Tip

Have you ever slaved over jam, preserving the tasty fruit only to open a jar the following day and find that you actually made and preserved jello?  

I have.  IT IS DISAPPOINTING. I would rather my jam be a little runny than too set.  AND to top it off, the batch that was like jello, it was PEACH, one of my favorites!  So after that sad incident I learned this trick and I am sure it will help many of jam batches at my house. 

So you just put a stack of small plates in the freezer when you begin the jam.  Then just when you think your batch is done and ready to go into bottles you pull out one of the plate and place a dollop of jam on the plate and let it sit for a minute. Like so,

Then after the jam has cooled your run your finger through the middle of the jam.

If the jam runs together it needs to set up more. If it stays separated that would be the texture you are looking for.  The batch below on the left would be a slightly runny batch of jam and the batch on the right would be more like traditional jam.

If the jam cools and is too hard then good luck! Just kidding!  At this point you could add more fruit and fix the batch!  This is such great news to know before finishing the process of canning. Making sure your hard work pays off.

I love simple tips that make life easier!