hanging happiness

Hanging Happiness


The moment I caught sight of this flower I ran to it and started taking photos. The idea of an upside-down flower was blowing my mind. My husband came up next to me and asked if I liked the “Hanging Happiness?” Of course I loved it! My mind was racing.

See, there is this game I love to play. A game that a dear friend taught me. We would sit in front of a bouquet of flowers and choose which one most resembled us in that moment and why. 💐 It is such an incredible intimate and vulnerable game! And all y’all know I love vulnerable! 

So as I came upon this flower, I thought of flowers that bloom upside down, or more so, about people, who bloom upside down. I thought about all of us and how there are some who so fiercely resonate with the idea of blooming upside down. 

Maybe we just don’t feel like we can face the sun completely. Maybe it’s all we have to give. Maybe we want to give someone a completely different perspective by being different. Maybe there is just too much weighing on us. WHATEVER the case my friends, might I remind you that YOU ARE STILL BLOSSOMING!? And to that end I conclude with the idea that “Hanging Happiness” is a very suitable title. (Nice job Jake😉) Content in the fact that beauty and intrigue were peeked from unusual circumstances and that is a great metaphor for our often messy lives. 

Much love my friends♥️