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Our lives are, in reality, the sum total of our seemingly unimportant decisions.

It could be that the best way for a father to bless and influence his children is by doing simple things with them, day to day, over and over: tying ties, playing soccer, washing dishes, weeding the garden, working on homework—just being together. Lasting memories are built in moments like these. Each daily decision to set a good example, to live with integrity, to love with loyalty, and to spend time together strengthens the bond between father and child. Surely there’s no better use of a father’s energy, heart, and time. - From our awesome concert we attended this morning. Also attended by the sweet spirit of my own Dad who has graduated. I love those sweet divine visits. And I love pondering the seemingly small moments that make up Fatherhood. Very grateful today ♥️ Love your Daddies!

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