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Cracker Wacker Game

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This game is such a blast!  It is great to play with large groups.

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All you do is tie the crackers present style with yarn or string. Do this part before the party. Leave a few feet of string so you can tie it around the participants waist.  

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Then you tie the string around the waist and dangle the cracker to about the middle of the hamstrings of the person playing. Then give all participants a roll of newspaper and some boundaries that they have to stay inside of to play the game. The object of the game is to hit all the crackers off the other players strings and to be the last one left inside the playing area with a cracker. If yours gets knocked off you are out of the game! Its wild and ferocious and lots of fun! 

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Video: Flour Ball!

This is our 7th annual flour ball fight!! It is such a ball! The kids look forward to it every year. We all go and get floured and have a complete blast!

We play capture the flag with the flour balls... let me explain. Two teams, two flags, a middle dividing line and boundary lines around the outside of the playing area. We make these lines with cones. The flags are placed behind the opposing sides back line, in the middle. The object of the game is to obtain the flag on the opposing side and get it back to your side, then your team wins. The only thing is... you guessed it... the flour balls get in the way! 

So the flour balls work like this. They all start out on the middle line. All the people start on their back line. When the whistle blows everyone runs to the middle line and grabs as many four balls as they can put into their hands! It is nerve-racking because if someone throws a flour ball at you then there are consequences. First thing is, if you catch it, the person that threw it goes to jail. We'll talk about jail in a minute. If the flour ball hits you and you are standing on your own side then you have to freeze for 10 seconds, AND you have to count out loud - and I mean loud - this helps keep people accountable. If you are standing on the opposing side and you are hit with a flour ball, you go to jail.

There are two jails. One on each side, opposing corners, beginning on the back line.  I say beginning because if the prisoners are holding hands and one person has their foot on the back line then the line can stretch toward the middle to make the prisoners more accessible to be tagged by their teammates and obtain a free walk back to freedom on their own side.

A couple notes about jail. If a person on the opposing team crosses the back line of the opposing team they can free a prisoner and they both have a free walk back. They must do this with clear intent so it is not a good ending to a failed attempt at capturing the flag. In other words they can't be going for the flag, get tagged and say... well I was only going to free a prisoner. Make sense?  Also it is a good idea for the first person in the jail to be the one that extends to middle. As prisoners are added to the jail they add on at the back line so they can keep track of who is free next and one person doesn't end up stuck in jail the whole game.

When you place the flags behind the back line it is a good idea to place cones in a 7 yard square around the flag that only the opposing team can enter. This prevents puppy guarding, or standing over the flag making it very hard for the opposing team to get their hands on the flag.

If a person crosses the back line, picks up the flag and in the process of running back to their side they get hit with a four ball then they drop the flag where they were hit and head to jail. The flag stays where it was dropped, probably closer to the middle line, making it easier for the other side to get the flag.

When the flag finally crosses the middle line, that team wins. We then reset and play over and over!

Just a couple of tips that we incorporate as rules. If anyone is hit in the face with a flour ball the person that threw the ball goes to jail. We also always request those that are strong to refrain! Reminding all that this is a family/friendly game is a good way to start off when explaining the rules. 

On the invite to the event we request that guests bring 8 to 10 flour balls per person. This makes this event very easy to pull off.  

How to make flour balls

This recipe is for 50 flour balls, adjust it according to your needs. Gather

  • 9 packages knee high stockings / nylons
  • 20 lbs flour
  • Scissors 
  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • a cookie sheet
  • box or bucket for completed four balls

I buy the knee high stockings from Walmart -- they are about 30 cents each. One package makes 6 flour balls.

Assemble outside for a no mess method. You will need at least two people. One person to stretch and the other to fill. The more participants the better, it adds to the fun of the event!

Place the cookie sheet beneath you. Stretch the nylon and fill with 1.5 cups flour.

Then tie two knots. This allows you to cut in between them.

You are ready to fill the next flour ball. Stretch and fill and tie twice again. Then one more time stretch and fill and tie the end. You end up with three flour balls. Cut in-between each ball.

Repeat until you end up with this goodness!  Ready for fun!