Cracker Wacker - Group Game

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Learn how to play this high energy, super fun group game that is sure to bring laughter to your party! Make Christmas 2018 memorable! Sometimes even one game livens up the rest of the party! Throw this one into the mix to make sure your party is filled with fun! Looking for more group games? Check out some other new games here...

Christmas Nativity Lip Sync


I have been swooning over this song this year. Because I have completely enjoyed listening to it I thought of this idea. This song would provide such a great opportunity for a live nativity lip sync!

So the kids are dressing the parts and re-enacting the scenes while singing along to the music. It's short and sweet, thus easier to get teens to participate! Plus it brings the spirit of Christmas just talking about what part they each want to play. Then gathering sheets to make the outfits, pulling out belts and ornate boxes and other props such as stuffed animals helps to get kids thinking about the details and reality of the first Christmas story.

Here's to shedding light on the reason behind this season! I hope it brings warmth into your homes. Merry Christmas.

I am a shepherd
Humbled by heaven's bright star
I've nothing to offer
But the peace I hold in my heart
The night I saw the Heaven's open
As angels filled the sky
Nothings ever touched my soul
Like a virgin's lullaby

Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Oh child of mine
You bring the world love
Glory divine

We are the kings
Traveled so far from the east
Bearing gifts
To lay before the Prince of Peace
We've seen the world and all its wonder
But here before our eyes
Humbled by the miracle
Of a virgin's lullaby

Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Oh child of mine
You bring the world love
Glory divine

We are the angels
Sent from the throne of high
To join in this lullaby
His praises we sing

Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Oh child of mine
You bring the world love
Glory divine

Let your light shine
Bring the world love
Glory divine

Family Night: Christmas with an Emphasis on the Shepherds

Video:  Watch a cute retelling of the Nativity here.

That was fun but think for real about the first Christmas night and all the people that you were involved with. Who do you relate to in the story of the Navitiy and why?

(At this point you can choose to talk about whatever is brought up and end with the sharing of testimonies and candles at the end.  Here is what I have been in tune with this year.) 

When I pondered this for me it was the shepherds. I feel like I hope to be like them. They had a fantastic experience of an angel announcing to them that Jesus has come. One of the things that I found inspiring about this is that the shepherds for whatever reason that night were chosen to hear of this miraculous event. I think that part of it had to do with their heart,  Their hearts needed to be ready and as shocking and surprising as it must have been for them they listened.  I found myself hoping that I would be qualified to be visited by an angel and told of such a miraculous event. I found myself hoping in my heart that I would be among those that were ready to receive Him.

When the Angel came to the shepherds and announced the birth of their Savior the Angel was also joined by a multitude of heavenly hosts saying,

Scripture:  Luke 1:14

  • Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Song:  Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains Click here to sing along to music,

I hope that I would be trusted to received this information, to know of its source and to respond like the shepherds did, “Now” and with “Haste” (Luke 2 :15 & 16) as they journeyed to Bethlehem to see Christ. 

The shepherds held excitement in their hearts in learning of their Saviors birth.  After they had experienced this beautiful meeting they shared more of that excitement as they testified of what they experienced that night..

Scripture:  Luke 2:17

  • And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying of which was told them concerning this child.

Each of us has the opportunity at Christmas to search and find the Lord, and, like the shepherds, share with others the feelings we have in our hearts about our Savior.  When we share these things it helps us renew the feelings that we had when gaining our testimonies of this little babe who laid in a manger on a night long ago.

Sharing testimonies:  Gather in a circle and give each person a candle.  Share your testimonies of the Savior, whatever they may be. The first person who shares lights their candle and then when they are finished they light the candle of the person next to them and then it is their turn to share. This is so fun to do by the light of the Christmas Tree!  Hoping it adds to the Spirit in your home on Christmas.

*Some of my thoughts for this lesson were propelled by a book called, A Christ Centered Christmas by Emily Freeman.  It is fantastic and you can check it out here.