Cracker Wacker - Group Game

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Learn how to play this high energy, super fun group game that is sure to bring laughter to your party! Make Christmas 2018 memorable! Sometimes even one game livens up the rest of the party! Throw this one into the mix to make sure your party is filled with fun! Looking for more group games? Check out some other new games here...

Christmas Smiles


Delivering smiles to an assisted living facility! We shared music and a Christmas message. All the way from polished piano pierces to last minute harmonica tunes. My mom heart sang and our kids saw that they can make a difference even when it isn’t perfect. 
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Stress Free Christmas


Anyone hoping for a little less stress? 🎄
Check out my new inspirational Christmas video about letting our heart be light at Christmas and giving the best gifts of all! 

For Christmas let your heart be light. Understand that the physiological gifts are more important at Christmas than the physical gifts. By allowing our hearts to be light we can experience a stress free Christmas and at the same time we are giving the best gifts that can be given at Christmas!

Watch this amazing Christmas video, What Shall We Give?

Best Parts Of Christmas


🎄What is your favorite part of Christmas? Tell me in the comments!

🎄Mine is found in the things we do. The programs, concerts, parties, time with family. This was my first ever candlelight nativity. It was fantastic! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tradition


Tradition holds so many amazing benefits, including making the holiday happier! So much of Christmas and our heart's desire is just to be home for the holidays.

Learn about what happens when we make tradition and ritual part of our Christmas. It will make you swell with a desire to create that home for the holidays feeling at your house for Christmas 2018!

Husband Guide To Gift Giving


For the gentlemen!! I made you a video to help you figure out what to buy you wife for Christmas!🎄In it there are ideas of ways to make your gift thoughtful and to help you also know, what NOT to get her!

Have you ever wondered if there are any rules when giving gifts to your wife? In this video, you'll find out a few basic questions to ask yourself when trying to come up with gift ideas!

Also, we talk about ways to help you jog your brain to think of Christmas gifts for her that are thoughtful. It really is more simple than you might think!

Here is an affiliate link to a gift idea list for women to help get you started!

Video: Christmas Gift Ideas!

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Merry Christmas! Check out how easy I have made your shopping this year! Christmas shop with me and find creative ideas for the people on your lists for Christmas 2018.

In this video, I will show you how I have created gift ideas for all categories to fit your shopping needs. Below is my affiliate link to my Amazon influencer page. You can see the gift idea lists here...

Also, here are some of my other Christmas videos!

Christmas Nativity Lip Sync


I have been swooning over this song this year. Because I have completely enjoyed listening to it I thought of this idea. This song would provide such a great opportunity for a live nativity lip sync!

So the kids are dressing the parts and re-enacting the scenes while singing along to the music. It's short and sweet, thus easier to get teens to participate! Plus it brings the spirit of Christmas just talking about what part they each want to play. Then gathering sheets to make the outfits, pulling out belts and ornate boxes and other props such as stuffed animals helps to get kids thinking about the details and reality of the first Christmas story.

Here's to shedding light on the reason behind this season! I hope it brings warmth into your homes. Merry Christmas.

I am a shepherd
Humbled by heaven's bright star
I've nothing to offer
But the peace I hold in my heart
The night I saw the Heaven's open
As angels filled the sky
Nothings ever touched my soul
Like a virgin's lullaby

Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Oh child of mine
You bring the world love
Glory divine

We are the kings
Traveled so far from the east
Bearing gifts
To lay before the Prince of Peace
We've seen the world and all its wonder
But here before our eyes
Humbled by the miracle
Of a virgin's lullaby

Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Oh child of mine
You bring the world love
Glory divine

We are the angels
Sent from the throne of high
To join in this lullaby
His praises we sing

Sleep tonight
Close your eyes
Oh child of mine
You bring the world love
Glory divine

Let your light shine
Bring the world love
Glory divine

Christmas "Themed" Gift Ideas

Man Crate!

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Oh this company brings so much joy!  So happy to work with them. They stuff these crates full of all things MAN! Shaving, beard care, hunting, fishing, golf, jerky, grilling -- I promise the list goes on!  Then the guys are so thrilled to open the crate, it brings out all the primitive man instincts! SO. MUCH. FUN! Like if your guy doesn't laugh when he opens this or the cement covered gift cards then we need to talk!  They love it!