Celebrating Life

There is an interesting relationship between celebrating life and having something in life to celebrate. It's kind of like the, '"You find what you are looking for" phrase. When we look to celebrate our life we remember to honor the things in our life that are deserving of being celebrated. When we do this, it plants seeds of desire to have things in our life worthy of celebrating. Looking for good in our life is contagious and when we see a little it invites us to start seeing more.  We automatically find gratitude for the things worthy of celebrating and open space for more things that fit into the "worthy of being celebrated" side of life.

By choosing to celebrate our lives we see the things, and the moments, and the people we love. By seeing them and recognizing this we automatically have a desire create more of it, to live more passionately. 

Thomas Monson said, "You don't find a happy life, you make it."

My echo; You don't find a life worth celebrating you choose to celebrate the life you have. Choose to celebrate. Choose to put forth a tiny bit of effort to celebrate accomplishments and the people and the beauty in your life!

Here's to creating and recognizing life with many areas worthy of celebrating. CHEERS! 


Live Pinterest Party!

OH this is one of my favorites!  This is a party where women gather to share the best of what is currently working for them and there is just something to be said about women gathering to share all that good at one time!  Here are the instructions that I put on the invitation. 

HI Friends!!!!  Who is ready for a live pinterest party?!?!?
This is a party where we all bring our favorites and share them with each other.  Bring anything that you love or that has made your life easier and show us, tell us, or bring a copy! 
Some ideas are products, books, movies, recipes, family night lessons, things you have done with your family/kids. You get the idea!
If one of your favorites is a snack feel free to bring it but no need if it isn't, I am sure I will come up with a yummy drink!  Maybe we will have carmel apple sangrias again?? 

 I have used evite for party invitations because you can email it out, its cute and it keeps track of the RSVP list for you.  I will say, this last time we did have two errors in the email not being delivered, that I know of.  So, just a heads up on that one.  I have also used RED STAMP for invites.  It is an ap you can download and make super darling invitations that you can text out but it doesnt keep track of RSVPS for you.

So this has always been a favorite topic of mine.  Asking people their current favorites.  It is fun conversation but it is so fun when your friends can bring and show you, like show and tell style, their favorites.  When you do this party often, say once a year it is so fun to see it build and to see your friends looking forward to it!  It is great to see new things people share. You might think, well, we have already shared our best, but each year but time goes by things change and new things come your way that are so fantastic that it is hard not to share.  And it is almost inevitable that after the party you head home and think, "oh man I should have shared ______!"  Because once we really think about the things that we love, that we think every girl should know about, many more fall in our lap. So finding solutions and helps and luxuries in life are fantastic but the being with girls is something that is priceless. Seriously, isn't it? 

For real, isn't being with girlfriends one of the most enriching parts of life?? AND when you provide a platform for everyone to share their recent finds it is so fulfilling. You learn so much about them and so many great tips for your life. See, even though the other areas or relationships in life like spouses or kids are incredibly precious and fulfilling their is nothing like another girl, nothing like another woman, that perhaps understands something so intimately what would help you.  Promise, your kids and your spouse really don't care about that eye cream, or have that "mom" perspective to share that gets you through another phase with your kids. 

It's funny too, at these parties to hear gals talk. Sometimes when someone is sharing, you know immediately when they share that it is something that you might want to try and other times, maybe what someone is sharing might not speak to you but someone else in the room is loving and needing what is being shared. Plus there is just nothing like supporting each other as we weave out way through this life. Seriously one of my favorite quotes is, "women need women and men need women." This is crazy true! Women absolutely thrive in environments where they can love and help and laugh with each other.  And there is such a charge that happens that gives us more energies to put more into being a great mom and spouse when we fill our cup.

So there are a few simple tricks to throwing this party.  I think number one is always serve a fantastic drink.  I have done virgin Mint Mojitos, Mint Juleps, Hot water with a selection of mix in's, Italian Sodas.  This time I did Carmel Apple Sangrias. 

The drink gives ladies some time to chat, with music in the background, when they arrive and to meet the guests they don't know.  It is also good to not have the drink ready when everybody gets there, on purpose!  This allows guests to lend a hand and help with the drink.

 After we mingle for a bit we sit in a huge circle and share.  Another great tip for this party is to go around the circle once with everyone sharing the #1 thing that they brought.  Typically people bring 5-7 items to share and that takes some time, some really awesome time!  But occasionally guests might have to leave early and don't get a chance to hear from everyone, so I think it is good to do a #1 can't miss share and then to continue with the book report! 

Below is a list of most of the things my friends shared at the party. (Some shares are better kept for when there are for sure only girls around!)

Also on the list are a few great mom tools.  One Mom shared that she gave her daughter a coupon book for her birthday and when it was reversed, (because usually they are the ones giving us coupon books) her daughter was so excited to use the coupons!  

Another great share was a couple moms had some ideas on resolving conflicts with kids.  One of them has her kids fill out this SODA CHART and another has her kids write her a letter where they include the details of what happened, your part in the conflict, how you felt about it and is there anything you need to say sorry for.  I have already used this twice since the party just in conversation but so effective!  Also one mom shared a chore chart idea. I talked about an idea called FREE TIME, which I will post about soon.  The great thing about this idea is that it came from a friend in Vegas that decided to throw a Live Pinterest Party and another friend Kass shared it there.  Great how good things spread!

We had someone rave about a fitness program from this cute CHICK.

Also a couple recipes were shared. THESE were from Natalie and this ONE from Caroll. Her hint was to crush and use sugar cubes instead of the expensive pearl sugar.  

And one ap was shared LDS Daily Verse. It looks like this   

Seriously I wish you could hear them all talk about why they like these things. It is such a blast.  Over the years I have had so many great finds through this fun party and it is such an incredible way to get women together and to relate to each other.