Sense of Belonging

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my friend malea

It's no secret that I am a huge Brene' Brown fan. That girl can lay down some truth! I loved this quote by her, "Our sense of belonging cannot to be greater than our sense of self acceptance." 

This made me think of two things pretty readily. #1 is how grateful I am for things in my life that contribute to my self acceptance, (heaven knows its a daily task.) My list is yoga, outdoors and connection & communication with my Father in Heaven.

My second thought, #2 is how this quote renewed my vigor to be sure without any doubt, that my kids and my husband are completely aware of how much I accept them and admire them and have such a fierce desire to create a safe environment that they call home. I want them to feel that safety because I know this world creates loads of areas for self doubt. I know that by participating in rituals that help me on my road of constant self acceptance they feel my confidence and desire to belong to them as their mother and wife. 

Keep swimming my friends. Stay with the rituals that make you your best self. And throw that love around like confetti! 

In A Bind

In yoga binding deepens the pose. It helps to provide more opening, and you know what? It just feels so darn good! It allows for balance between struggle and ease. When your fingers just barely touch you are still actively reaching for the connection and then when it happens, the pose shifts. It shifts into a place that is somewhat restful and somewhat opening. A place to breathe.

Off the mat a binding can hold the pages of a book together, it can fasten something tightly and it is also used to describe unity between people. Or how about what happens when we are IN A BIND? I love this word. I have been thinking about it all day. In a bind what do we do? Most often we call someone who is bound to us. 

Like the day I high centered my truck! No joke. I really am a good driver, I swear! It was just a fluke! My family went skiing and I set off to do some yoga on a rock. First I called my sisters. They were far away and could only give advice, like sticking rocks or sticks under your tires and the like. TO NO AVAIL. So what do I do? I call a close friend. Someone that I am bound to. He was there in a jiffy and successfully had me out of my bind in minutes.  

So for just a. second, consider this; who or what are you bound to? Are those things or people deepening your life experience? Are those things or people helping you live an open life? Glory in those bindings that do. Find gratitude for those we call when we are in a bind. For the things we practice in our life that bind us to good, to being aware of love and acceptance. Consciously bind yourself to good and in turn you embody good. Isn't it interesting that in yoga binding can help us find proper alignment, and in life, who and what we bind to can help us in our alignment in life? Here's to binding!