Falling, or should I say getting back up?

Photo cred

my friend malea

This is me, after falling. I was trying to do this.

I wish I had video or even a photo of me going down, because I would share, I'm not afraid. We all fall. We all make mistakes and misjudgments or sometimes a wave comes along and just throws us right off our groove. I hear the voice of my yoga instructor, Lisa whenever I think about this concept. In yoga we do our best to be present and not fall, to practice with control, BUT sometimes it's just gonna happen. The biggest part of this is how long it takes us to shake off the fall so that we can, not only get back up, but get back into the mindset of where we need to be to pull of what we were trying to do in the first place!

So you know how something in life can throw us, and we can get really upset which just throws us farther off our track? Imagine doing any balance pose in a yoga class. Now imagine that you fall and you handle it the same way you handle things in the real world. Like we stomp around upset and huff and puff a little. I'm not really sure how that looks for you but imagine you doing whatever that does look like for you, in the middle of a yoga class. Yes it looks a little ridiculous and you would probably never do that BUT the bigger picture is that if you did do that now the teacher has moved on and you totally missed any chance you had to pull off that pose. Ok now that was extreme because I have never seen anyone do that in yoga however the thing is that so often we do this in our minds! If we cannot quickly let our fall go and get back into being present then there is no way that pulling off that pose will work again.

Too it is with life. Just take a second to evaluate how much waisted time you spend with the aftermath of being upset. Now granted sometimes things in life are huge and that is just part of the process BUT I am referring to the everyday upsets. The little things that can get under our skin that can derail us from our mission and our goals, even if it is not outward and it is only an expression of what is happening in our brains. The sooner we let go the sooner we can get back into the pose or get back into life. We keep the control when we act, we give it away when we react.

Trust me, this is one of the biggest things I have learned and have to continue to pay attention to everyday. I'm sure for some this comes easy but for me it is one of my hurdles, my trials. Hoping that by me sharing with you it helps you see frustration from a little different angle, to let go and get back up with a strong state of mind!