Helping Siblings Get Along


How can I get my kids to stop fighting? Are you over the sibling rivalry and you just want your kids to stop fighting? I have a fun tip for you to help kids be nice and to teach kids not to fight. Plus it will be sure to create memories for your kids they will remember forever! Stay tuned till the end to find more tips and things you can do to help them to stop fighting. Parenting is tough. Getting parent training and parent advice will help you to create a happy home! Stay positive on your journey and keep trying my friend!

Video: Help Your Kids Push The Reset Button On Their Brain

Video: Parenting: The Basketball Analogy

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Are you in the phase of prepping your child to leave home? I'm sharing how my Dad taught me about the basketball analogy and how that helped me phase into my new role as an adult. This video will help you understand how communication helps your kids to navigate through how the parent-child relationship changes and how they can more naturally slip into that adult role. We have to start by treating them like they will be!

Video: How To Punish Your Kids

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Parent your kids with wisdom by allowing them to pick their punishment! Don't worry, it doesn't let them off the hook. You guide them and help them understand the gravity of their choice by making sure the punishment they choose is a good fit.

It's something my Dad did with me. It allows your kids to understand consequence and that their path is coming from their choices. This tactic starts to get into their head so they think before they act!

Mom Feels....


💋 Today I kissed them all and sent the kiddos to school. What a drastic change. I am so grateful for the summer and the memories I made with this crew. My heart almost hurts from the good. I think bc I know that this stage can’t last forever and it’s unhealthy for me to desire it to. But I still do it all the time. I did it when they were tiny and I do it today. BUT in the midst of that wishing I also can’t wait to live life by their side and watch them do incredible things. Just feeling the heart mom feels ♥️ and loving and appreciating them. Every. One. #backtoschool 🚌

A Family of Friends

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🙏🏻Pray to be best friends in your family. 
When my boys fight I tell them that in order to hang out with their family like friends, (and do cool stuff) that we have to treat each other like friends. It works, but we talk about it, A LOT! Anyone with me? 
Let’s just hope at some point it sinks in! Focusing on being best friends at least gets us closer to actually being friends. Parents don’t give up and kids give in! These are the relationships that last!


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Our lives are, in reality, the sum total of our seemingly unimportant decisions.

It could be that the best way for a father to bless and influence his children is by doing simple things with them, day to day, over and over: tying ties, playing soccer, washing dishes, weeding the garden, working on homework—just being together. Lasting memories are built in moments like these. Each daily decision to set a good example, to live with integrity, to love with loyalty, and to spend time together strengthens the bond between father and child. Surely there’s no better use of a father’s energy, heart, and time. - From our awesome concert we attended this morning. Also attended by the sweet spirit of my own Dad who has graduated. I love those sweet divine visits. And I love pondering the seemingly small moments that make up Fatherhood. Very grateful today ♥️ Love your Daddies!

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One on One Time

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Just a little one on one and individual attention is a game changer for this one. Anyone have any kiddos like this? 
Tonight we shared a walk and yesterday we played his new game together - the smallest amount of time goes a long way but it’s something I need to remind myself to make a priority. If your looking for a good game for kiddos check out Dragon Wood. So fun!

Reading Suggestions for Kids