Cold Sore Cure


Do you wish you had a magic cure for a cold sore? Or better yet a way to never get cold sores? Ladies and Gents, here it is! It's natural and it's the fastest cure for a cold sore. With this combo, you won't have to worry about cold sores taking over your face. Just a simple way to never get cold sores!

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He Will Give You What You Need


👭Today, Penny, one of my best friends of all time goes in for surgery. She recently learned that she has colon cancer. This has caused me to reflect on how great her influence has been in my life. I am also present to what I am learning from her right now.


I planted the lilies in her honor, because right now she declares that she “feels” like a lily. She has shared with me the scripture references of lilies and how God is aware of each one of us. We have had discussions and I have had breakthroughs. 💐


In Penny’s words, “what it comes down to is that God is aware of each of us. He will give each of us what we need and care for us with so much love. It doesn’t mean he takes away the things that are hard or trials we go through. He has a greater plan.” 😀


The optimist (me) would believe that God will free us or deliver us from our troubles, that He is aware of the lilies. When in fact this way of thinking may lead you to despair, when the deliverance does not come time and time again. 🧐
This is where I get caught sometimes. I can look forward with hope over and over thinking there will be light at the end of it all, this can cause you to, in effect, loose or give up hope. 💡 


Seeing this in a different light came from a story of a prisoner of war, who said it was the optimists that struggled the most. They could look forward and say, we just have to last a little longer, we will be out by Christmas or we will be out by springtime. When what they hoped for never came again and again, they ceased to live for they were continually in despair. While the POW who told the story said what he hung onto was that he knew deep down that he would eventually be free and that this would be one of the defining moments in his life.
Not every lily has what it needs at all times. He won't always protect you from what you don’t want to happen in your life BUT He will stand by us in our adversities and help us turn them into the defining events of our lives. 💐Grateful to be ever learning! #prayingforyoupink

Return Of Your Childs Love


🌺 Happy Mother’s Day to all women! To all who nurture and mother. It is one of the most fulfilling roles of my life. What a fantastic gift to love and care for a child and to feel their love returned for you. Even if you are in years where you are questioning that return of love, keep giving it, remember the days and moments when it was unquestionable to get you through. It is love that always wins and pulls them back to you. Keep giving the best we have to give! Love actively and extravagantly, life is better that way. Wishing you all the best day ever!

Feeling Sick


Are you feeling sick and looking for a remedy for flu or cold that actually works? I am sharing two things that are completely amazing at healing these ailments!

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Hope you get better fast!

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The Positive Negative Ratio


Do you ever have days where you just feel low and you are wondering how to feel good again? This is a simple formula to help you get out of the negative cycle and back to the positive side, helping you feel great again. Hoping so much that this positive negative ratio is just what you need to make a huge difference!

Hanging Happiness


The moment I caught sight of this flower I ran to it and started taking photos. The idea of an upside-down flower was blowing my mind. My husband came up next to me and asked if I liked the “Hanging Happiness?” Of course I loved it! My mind was racing.

See, there is this game I love to play. A game that a dear friend taught me. We would sit in front of a bouquet of flowers and choose which one most resembled us in that moment and why. 💐 It is such an incredible intimate and vulnerable game! And all y’all know I love vulnerable! 

So as I came upon this flower, I thought of flowers that bloom upside down, or more so, about people, who bloom upside down. I thought about all of us and how there are some who so fiercely resonate with the idea of blooming upside down. 

Maybe we just don’t feel like we can face the sun completely. Maybe it’s all we have to give. Maybe we want to give someone a completely different perspective by being different. Maybe there is just too much weighing on us. WHATEVER the case my friends, might I remind you that YOU ARE STILL BLOSSOMING!? And to that end I conclude with the idea that “Hanging Happiness” is a very suitable title. (Nice job Jake😉) Content in the fact that beauty and intrigue were peeked from unusual circumstances and that is a great metaphor for our often messy lives. 

Much love my friends♥️

Breathe Through Your Nose At Night


Are you having a hard time sleeping because it is hard to breathe at night? If you are having problems breathing through your nose at night then this video will help you so much! It's a quick and simple tip to help you if it's hard to breathe at night but it is so simple! For sure a game changer! I hope it helps!

Human Interaction


I just finished a book that talked a lot about the dangers of what happens in our life when media consumption exceeds human interaction. ⁣⠀
You don't need to know all the risks, though the book was actually a fantastic read, just pay attention, especially to your kids. Count yourself winning when you know that their human interaction is exceeding their media exposure! ⁣⠀
It did mention that content matters but according to the book the amount of the content matters more. ⁣⠀
*The book is called The Gift of Fear. It was a great read with the focus being on how the feeling of fear is such a great gift if we learn to how to use it. I would especially say it's most important for young women to read, to learn how to protect themselves, though it's fantastic and educational for everyone. It's just info I wish I had back in my early college years. You know what I'm sayin?

You Are Okay


Who needs this message?!!? Seriously the more I am aware of our own lives and the lives around us I am so aware that more people than ever, now, need to just know that THEY ARE GOING TO BE OKAY! You will be! 
Plus the video also has an extra 🐣 Easter twist so check it out!

You are okay. Never lose hope! Today we are talking about how looking at the whole picture can help you when you are struggling. We are all imperfect and we all make mistakes but we are not that, we are not our mistakes or our struggle! Hoping with all that I have that this video delivers hope to your heart.

Reverse Your Worry


Do you find that you worry a lot? If so I’m sharing my favorite story about a Chinese farmer that helps me let go of unwanted worry! 👩‍🌾 Click the link in my bio if you think you could stand to worry a little less!! 😘