Video: Summer System! Calendar Flow

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Make the summer days at home easy!!! This calendar teaches kids to do things on their own and what parent doesn't want that!? Right?

Wishing you an incredible summer!

Below are are couple options for paper punch cards with an affiliate link through Amazon.

My Mamma


This one is mine ♥️ Today I got to spend the day with her. We all got to hear the easy way she laughs and observe the way she completely enjoys her family. 
I have thought a lot about my momma in a few ways this week. One, is the way she put the hot washcloths on my head whenever I was sick and then put another dry towel over the top to trap in the heat. Two, is all the effort she puts into making events special. And three is her sacrifice. Constantly giving for her children. 
These thoughts alone have spurred many in helping me see how her influence has inspired me. 
I have read today about how much mothers do, how they are magic, and how they are a gift beyond measure from heaven. It’s true. Mothers are from God for us individually. So happy to reflect on how glorious motherhood is. Grateful for my momma and for the ones that make me one. It is a role I absolutely adore. Happy Mother’s day my friends.💐

Reading! Video & Book Lists to Keep Your Kids Incentivized!

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Sharing all my tips in the video to help your kids learn to love reading! INCLUDING how to get teens to read!  

👇🏼HERE ARE MY BOOK LISTS!!👇🏼 - For all the phases that I talked about!

Also please know that the books are provided to you through affiliate links. This helps support me and makes it possible for me to bring you more great content. Affiliate links do not cost you more money, they just give me a bonus for sharing the product. Just click on the book and it will take you to Amazon where you can add it to your cart! Thank you in advance for using any affiliate link I provide you with.

Elementary, I Choose You Choose Phase

Teir I

Tier II

Tier III

A couple things to be said about the books in Tier II & III.

  • Complications: A Surgeons Notes on an Imperfect Science. This book is in Tier II because of what it teaches about the medical field. Not a pleasure read but OH so great to understand that we have to be our own advocate and how to handle things in the medical field. 
  • The Screwtape letters is my favorite book of all time BUT it is easier to get into it if you understand the premise of the book. For this purpose I recommend you read it for sure first before giving it to your kid.
  • The Family Crucible I read in college and it stayed with me in understanding family relationships. It is vital and purposeful BUT it is not on the list because it is "such a good book" its in Tier III because of what it teaches.
  • Atlas Shrugged. I loved it. I read the beginning, listened to the middle and read the end. It is a lot to get through. For that reason I think the way I did it works really good. It is a great one to talk government and organizations with your kids BUT remember how I said I would do this even as they grow older? This book is definitely that. One to dive into for experienced readers OR when they are older for sure.

And Lastly -This is a great one to

Read Aloud To Your Teens

For awesome conversations about $$


Hope you guys love the lists! Include in the comments below if you have any suggestions on books you love! 

*Also a note on the movies that go along with these books.... always a great reward when the movie is good!  We liked, Summer of the Monkeys, Where the Red Fern Grows, Holes and the Giver from I choose you choose. AND we do not recommend The Sign of the Beaver movie.

From The Tiers we loved The Glass Castle, Follow the River, The Help, The Book Thief, A Monster Calls and Atlas Shrugged.

Video: Lost My Little Girl & My Dad - Perspective on Death

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It’s my Dad’s birthday today! Super fitting to be able to share this video today. He is the one who taught me a new perspective on death. Today I’m sharing that perspective with you.  

♥️ Wishing all your hearts well! ♥️

Little People

Video: Feminism, What is it really?

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What do you think feminism is in our modern day? Like when someone declares that they are a feminist, what do you really think they stand for? My roots are here, in defining myself a feminist, BUT I am having a hard time associating with that. Dive in and chat about it with me! Share your thoughts!

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