Chocolate Goodness Smoothie


Folks, it one of my fav’s. It just tastes so delish and it makes you feel good too. 

4 cups spinach
2 c almond milk
2 scoops @sunwarriortribe chocolate protien powder
5 Tbl cocoa
1 tea coconut syrup (to sweeten)
6 ice cubes

Place ingredients in high speed blender. Blend until all mixed together! Makes 2 servings. Easy and yummy!



Doing my best to E..X..T..E..N..D....... these last days of summer. I adore it. I adore seeing my kids faces more, hanging with them and less on the schedule!! But...... I am totally looking forward to working on some things I have been up to lately! - 
To me it’s interesting how many challenges can be right in front of our face but at the same time to be excited about all the good. HOPE is a forever need in our lives. Do any and all things you need to to continue to renew hope in your life all.the.time! It’s what gets us through the challenges and helps us to create new. Looking forward to the next phase with tons of hope!

Wearing @glyderapparel 🙌🏼

Glyder's Latest

Not My Favorite: Utkatasana


Chair is never a pose I do on my own accord. It’s just not my favorite, it never has been. Weird huh? Like of all the poses in yoga? 🧘🏻‍♀️ Here’s a secret though. One day my yoga teacher @lilmisslisajean taught me, that the pose you resist most is the one you need most. 🤣 Of course it is, right?

But you know, since that day I do this pose differently. Instead of resisting, I accept and it makes all the difference. I think I will forever “need” utkatasana!

Thai Summer Salad

FullSizeRender 133.jpg


8 oz linguini fini

2 lbs grilled chicken

3 carrots

4 c chopped greens, washed and dried

2 c purple cabbage 

2 peppers - red, yellow or orange

1 cucumber

1/2 red onion

Honey roasted peanuts


Dressing ingredients:

4 Tbl soy sauce

5 tea sesame oil

2 Tbl rice wine vinegar

6 Tbl honey

3/4 c vegetable oil

1 lime juice & zest

1 c peanut butter

4 tea minced garlic

2 T minced ginger

1 bunch cilantro

1 tea kosher salt

4 tea sriracha sauce

6 T water

*I recommend making the dressing ahead of time. It’s simple but it has a lot of ingredients. There is absolutely no substitute for it, it is incredible.  It keeps in teh fridge well so I make a lot and use it for a couple weeks on salads and noodles or whatever you can dream up. You just add everything to the blender & blend and walls it’s done!

Cook noodles, rinse and toss with olive oil so they will not stick.

Grill and slice chicken.

Shred carrots. Chop all the rest of the veggies. Combine in a big bowl. Serve with dressing and top with honey roasted peanuts. CRAZY GOOD!

*Recipe adapted from Our Best Bites

Positive Vibes


💫Surrounding ourselves with positive messages and vibes is absolutely necessary to keep our thoughts and 🧠 in a good place. 

I love how @glyderapparel encourages women to live life without limits and to discard the words “I can’t” from our vocabulary. I love their message to empower women. I am thrilled to be a #GlyderGirl 🙌🏼

Birthday Perspective

Snapseed 46.jpg

One year older? It's ok I promise! We just have to see it from the place of all we have! Staying in place of gratitude and appreciation can help us have all the great feels. Even our struggles help us to become something amazing. We have to trust that our path is for us - then we can see it all differently!

Look up and see your path


🏞 We hiked this beautiful trail with our kids. They wanted to turn back and complained often. Anyone else have that issue? 🤪. Seriously, I kinda dream of my kids really wanting to hike with me, usually its a bargain! 
BUT I am sure that there will be a time where they are pushing me, right? 🤔

So this made me think about the paths that we walk in our life. Like the one we are on right now. It made me think about my thoughts about wanting to see what is around the next corner. And asking myself if I am I anticipating or if I am a little too distracted and exhausted to look up and enjoy the view. 
We were all on the same hike but some of us enjoyed it more than others. Thoughts like this make me sing 🎶 and remind me to look up and find the beauty! 🤸🏼‍♀️Keep on keeping my friends! We have to have 5 positive thoughts to balance out 1 negative. Find the beauty, find the positive! Keep your balance!

Best Veggie Dip


Oh friends! This is SO easy and SO good. So easy that I have never even used actual measurements before and it always turns out great - don't worry I figured it out for you guys! And its SO good - like it goes great with any veggie and it is dangerous when used as a dip for ruffles chips. Hope you enjoy it! 



1 c cottage cheese

1/2 c sour cream

2 Tbl ranch dip mix

Measure and mix! It’s that simple and superb! 


Photo cred

my friend malea

Pick the 5 MOST beautiful things in the last 24 hrs - doing this practice TRICKS your brain. 🧠 It turns it upside down! I swear it is worth picturing those things in your brain right now. I know it’s gonna take some thought - but give it a try.

Forcing yourself to look 👀 in the past for beautiful things shifts the way the RIGHT NOW looks too. .
When we look at the past with gratitude we keep those lenses on our eyes 👀! Anyone ever heard of rose colored glasses? This is like putting on gratitude colored glasses. When you look for the beautiful things you can’t help continuing to see them!
. .
👇🏼Tell me at least one of the beautiful things you have seen in the last 24 hrs... one of God’s creations, an action, maybe it was a tiny miracle or maybe it’s more simple than that! .
Mine is observing the challenge that my youngest received in church to do something good for his family - so my youngest has been making his brother’s bed and leaving him notes and scavenger hunts. It’s crazy adorable and it’s for sure been an energy shift for those two brothers and it also ALLOWED me to witness something beautiful. .
Hoping this tiny practice opens you heart ♥️ and in the words of my youngest to his older brother, “have a fantabulous day!”


Photo cred

my friend malea

🌺 I am not perfect, I am real. 🌺 I hope you tell yourself that when that ugly little voice pops in your head showing up just long enough to get you down. 

I think its interesting that you might be the person who either:

🔹looks at a photo like this and declares, “Becky, look at her butt!” 🤔 Thinking, how does she dare post a photo like that of herself on the internet!!!


🔹looks at a photo like this and thinks what the heck is she talking self love for, she’s perfect! She has no idea!

What's interesting is that no matter where you are at physically, you can always find someone in better or worse condition than you. This is the part I am talking about. Wherever you are on that spectrum be kind to yourself. Loving yourself is the first step toward being healthy. Recognize the ugly voice for what it is and what it makes you and CHOOSE TO LISTEN to the nice little voice that scatters flowers all over in your brain! I loved when I saw a quote a long time ago from saying, “You are not fat, you have fat. You are not fingernails, you have fingernails. ” (It stayed with me!👏🏼)

👓Focus on standing in a place where you accept who you are, independent of what you have. Hoping to spread a little self ♥️ into your life.