He Will Give You What You Need


👭Today, Penny, one of my best friends of all time goes in for surgery. She recently learned that she has colon cancer. This has caused me to reflect on how great her influence has been in my life. I am also present to what I am learning from her right now.


I planted the lilies in her honor, because right now she declares that she “feels” like a lily. She has shared with me the scripture references of lilies and how God is aware of each one of us. We have had discussions and I have had breakthroughs. 💐


In Penny’s words, “what it comes down to is that God is aware of each of us. He will give each of us what we need and care for us with so much love. It doesn’t mean he takes away the things that are hard or trials we go through. He has a greater plan.” 😀


The optimist (me) would believe that God will free us or deliver us from our troubles, that He is aware of the lilies. When in fact this way of thinking may lead you to despair, when the deliverance does not come time and time again. 🧐
This is where I get caught sometimes. I can look forward with hope over and over thinking there will be light at the end of it all, this can cause you to, in effect, loose or give up hope. 💡 


Seeing this in a different light came from a story of a prisoner of war, who said it was the optimists that struggled the most. They could look forward and say, we just have to last a little longer, we will be out by Christmas or we will be out by springtime. When what they hoped for never came again and again, they ceased to live for they were continually in despair. While the POW who told the story said what he hung onto was that he knew deep down that he would eventually be free and that this would be one of the defining moments in his life.
Not every lily has what it needs at all times. He won't always protect you from what you don’t want to happen in your life BUT He will stand by us in our adversities and help us turn them into the defining events of our lives. 💐Grateful to be ever learning! #prayingforyoupink