❤️ Jake and I on a beach in Italy. That day, we popped a roll of black & white film into our camera and played with the timer. We had been married 3 years. Young love! ....
❤️ This was before we felt the way our hearts could expand and love, the three boy pieces of our hearts, running around outside of our body. Before we experienced the kind of love that comes from loving your spouse, through thick and thin, for a really long time. Before we experienced the love that comes from having our own family friends that have lasted longer than seven years. Love grows over time. Love nurtured is the best kind of love.
❤️ "Loving people lasts. Loving them extravagantly, not stingy, that will last forever". - Bob Goff
❤️ Today I am feeling an increase of love just reflecting on the people in my life. Take a minute to reflect on your own relationships. The people you love. Let your heart swell. ...
❤️ Tell them.
❤️ Show them.
❤️ Love them.