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my friend jen

Have any of you been doing the January thing? You know the evaluating and declaring your goals thing. The figuring out of the things you want to let go of or be more committed to thing. 
I’m choosing one. I know it sounds maybe a little like a copout but I think if I can do this one thing it would really change so much for me. And plus I feel like if I choose only one real goal I will do it well. 
Sure I might make other “intentions” but really the one goal I want to make a new part of my life this year I am calling Mesha mornings. It’s time for me, time before any distractions. Time to be present to whatever comes to me. I am going to do my spiritual reading, prayer, journaling and listening during this time. I am not allowing my phone or anything else really into this space. I am pumped to make this a priority.

How about you? If you were choosing just one thing that you know would make a difference for you, what would that be?

Tell me! Because part of the reason I am telling you is because once you really declare it or record it somewhere is when it becomes real. What is your most important goal this year?