Posed Life vs. Real Life


Posed life vs real life - just sayin’. The difference in these pics had us rolling with laughter!


It reminds me of the other day when we had lunch with another family that we are dear friends with. There was a popular influencer having lunch at the same restaurant and my girlfriend called her girls over and said “hey, do you recognize her?” The girls were in awe as they realized it was "that girl" they follow on instagram. “That girl” was less done, and didn’t look quite the same without the magic of makeup. She also appeared a little heavier than she does in her photos.

My super wise girlfriend taught them that what you see posed on instagram isn’t always what you see in real life. They all still loved “that girl” and even more so as they realized she is a little more like them than they previously thought.

My friends, we are all just people and more than that we are all just people trying. I love remembering that we get credit for trying! It doesn’t matter if it’s insta worthy, what matters is that it’s real life worthy. And real life is a little messier than we sometimes chalk it up to be! Love you, be you. Both of those things are ok to do.