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He’s my baby. I call him all sorts of names like sweetie cutie & sugar honey. He loves that and lots of different kinds of attention! Actually, he can even be a little more cold when he doesn’t get attention.It’s not because he doesn’t like it, it’s because he might be standoffish a bit until you break through his barrier and he lets you in. This cycle for him happens often. He needs to feel close and safe and then he lets his guard down. Do any of you have kiddos with that M.O.? Isn’t it so interesting to see how each kid comes so differently?⁠

A couple things that work to help him melt are; time, one on one conversations and when he is super cold laying by him at night telling him stories of my childhood resonate with him so much and allows him to let go of whatever he is holding onto. ⁠

I’m grateful because as the baby he will keep me in check needing that precious time from me BUT I am also super grateful for the enneagram in helping me understand him better. ⁠Seriously If you don't know it check it out -- I have loved the way it has helped in my parenting.⁠

Not everyone responds the way we do to life and it is so pivotal to try and see the world from their perspective. Thank you @theenneagrammer for showing me a entire different world.⁠