Journaling = Oh So Much

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I'm just ok at writing / journaling. I wish I were vigilant. I have written enough to know that the benefits are immense. Here are just a few of them...⁠

1 - You will communicate with clarity. ⁠
3 - You will be more productive. ⁠
4 - You will learn more. ⁠
5 - You will gain awareness of your reality. ⁠
6 - You will make better decisions. ⁠
7 - You will be happier.⁠
8 - You will live more focused.⁠
9 - You will overcome tough moments faster. ⁠
10 - You will have a lot of written memories.⁠

Dang! I love these findings of what comes when putting pen to paper. ⁠

Anyone with me on being more vigilant about writing? Writing about your life or your thoughts - all of it is valuable. What has helped you stay on track with journaling? Give me all your tips!⁠