Higher Vibrations


There are vibrations all around you. Think of all the things you are exposed to on a daily basis. Some are lower vibrations and some are high vibrations. When we only expose ourselves to low vibrations, that is what our body, our mind and our spirit expects. That is what we are content with. ⁠

Seeking higher vibrations allows your body, mind and spirit to tune in to the vibrations that motivate lift and inspire. As you seek higher vibrations, in time, you start to expect higher vibrations and are no longer content with the lower vibrations that do not feed you. ⁠

As you feel your life with exposure to high vibrations you live a more motivated and happy existence. ⁠

💗Thanks @lilmisslisajean for your insight on this topic. I love looking at life through the lens of making sure we get exposure to high vibrations and I love explaining it to my kids this way. It's like putting into words what I have always felt.💗