Finding Balance

Finding balance in self care is vital especially when you are exposed to higher levels of crisis or negativity than normal. This is important so that crisis and those negative feelings do not become what is normal for you. You have to pull good into your life to feel good.

It is in the seemingly unimportant decisions we make in life where we achieve balance.


There are all sorts of levels of self-care that can bring us into that balance. We can spend time doing our favorite hobbies or being in nature. Anything that helps us feel good.


“Mindset is produced by the emotions of the body.” 

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In other words if you can make your body feel something then your mind will follow in those feelings. 

One of the highest levels of self care is meditation. Maybe that is new information to you. But trust me on this. If you try it consistently for a while you will begin to understand why. Watch this video to learn WHY meditation would be beneficial to you and HOW simple this approach really is. I promise it is life altering.


Watch this video to find out WHY you would want to meditate and HOW you can alter your life with this simple approach.

I’m so happy to assist you on this journey!

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Here are some wonderful resources 

Bilateral sounds on YouTube


These are free videos you can find on YouTube, plug those headphones in, sit peacefully and listen.

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Anxiety Release App

This is literally my favorite resource! It’s $5 and you can download it right to your phone. It walks you through set meditations using bilateral tones. It’s fantastic!

Click here for Apple

Click here for Android


Headspace Meditation App

This is a great ap for teaching and walking you through traditional meditation. It’s a great resource.

Click here for Apple

Click here for Android