I'm going to make it


HEY! You know what? I’m going to make it and so are you. I was recently asked how I was doing and I gave a canned, "I’m doing pretty good" answer and when I asked him the same thing he happily said, “You know, Im going to make it.”

I ♥️ this answer. Real and optimistic. Whatever you are going through you will make it! There is just no avoiding the mud in life but there is a light. Get this..

When you start digging a well you’re just moving dry dirt, and sometimes you dig for a very long time. And then you might hit mud and maybe that seems even worse. You have to go through all of that before you hit water💦 . Before you make a well. Keep in mind many wells were dug by one person, long ago but their work has benefited people for thousands of years. Keep digging, you are going to make it!

💧 Well talk inspired by @jasherfeellove@behotyoga