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my friend malea

Pick the 5 MOST beautiful things in the last 24 hrs - doing this practice TRICKS your brain. 🧠 It turns it upside down! I swear it is worth picturing those things in your brain right now. I know it’s gonna take some thought - but give it a try.

Forcing yourself to look 👀 in the past for beautiful things shifts the way the RIGHT NOW looks too. .
When we look at the past with gratitude we keep those lenses on our eyes 👀! Anyone ever heard of rose colored glasses? This is like putting on gratitude colored glasses. When you look for the beautiful things you can’t help continuing to see them!
. .
👇🏼Tell me at least one of the beautiful things you have seen in the last 24 hrs... one of God’s creations, an action, maybe it was a tiny miracle or maybe it’s more simple than that! .
Mine is observing the challenge that my youngest received in church to do something good for his family - so my youngest has been making his brother’s bed and leaving him notes and scavenger hunts. It’s crazy adorable and it’s for sure been an energy shift for those two brothers and it also ALLOWED me to witness something beautiful. .
Hoping this tiny practice opens you heart ♥️ and in the words of my youngest to his older brother, “have a fantabulous day!”