Ukulele Love

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👭This is my cousin. She’s one of those people who leaves you better than the way she found you. 🎉 No matter if you are an adult or a kid! That is such a goal for me, I admire her for that. 🎼She also happens to be bomb at playing the ukulele and she wrote a book 📚that is absolutely packed with ukulele songs of all genres. And the best part about this book in my opinion? Every chord for each song is printed on each page! That makes playing the ukulele a piece of cake! I mean you can pick it up and start, so easy! Even kids catch on fast! It even has stars on the table of contents to let you know difficulty level for each song. Anyway it’s awesome, so I thought I would share. 

PS practicing from a book that also works without WiFi, unlike some awesome apps, is key to being able to play no matter where you go! Here’s to time away, singing at the lake or by the campfire, wherever your summer takes you! 🔥