Millions of Forms

Photo cred

my friend malea

One being with the potential of millions of forms. We can laugh, run, jump, play, sing, yell, dance. The list goes on!

When I heard these words in my class @behotyoga I felt power. The power to be strong and to focus on all the things I CAN do - all the forms that I CAN be. It’s interesting how in this world we can so quickly default to what we can’t do or what we are not. So often we let our minds get in the way! When we let that go we can soar! I loved thinking about my abilities & when I think of life from that angle I can see all the forms that I have the choice to take on. Millions of forms!

PS — did you guys see the movie, I Feel Pretty? It’s kinda like that. When she lets go of her doubt in herself she does amazing things. If you didn’t see it, GO! It was fantastic. 
Thank you for your inspiration! @jasherfeellove