My Mamma


This one is mine ♥️ Today I got to spend the day with her. We all got to hear the easy way she laughs and observe the way she completely enjoys her family. 
I have thought a lot about my momma in a few ways this week. One, is the way she put the hot washcloths on my head whenever I was sick and then put another dry towel over the top to trap in the heat. Two, is all the effort she puts into making events special. And three is her sacrifice. Constantly giving for her children. 
These thoughts alone have spurred many in helping me see how her influence has inspired me. 
I have read today about how much mothers do, how they are magic, and how they are a gift beyond measure from heaven. It’s true. Mothers are from God for us individually. So happy to reflect on how glorious motherhood is. Grateful for my momma and for the ones that make me one. It is a role I absolutely adore. Happy Mother’s day my friends.💐