Keep reaching!

Photo cred

my friend malea

Never stop reaching my friends!  Recently a dear friend said some words to me that helped me through discouragement that seems to be pressing on me. ANYONE ELSE?  Woosh! Sometimes I feel like a target!  

AND - Get this real quick, she shared this with me because someone else shared this idea. For real people we live in a cool world. And seeing things like this help pull us out of the dark!

So here is the idea. That a seed, if it could feel might feel similar to me. Thrown into a dark pit and covered with weight and darkness. The seed tries to reach beyond itself, but still only finds dark. Then as if the dark and weight and lonely is not enough, some loving caregiver feeds it with what feels to the seed like a flood. A flood that knocks the air out of it for a time. Eventually, it dries out and the seed reaches more, and it cracks, almost breaking the seed. After it's new state the seed only finds more darkness and another flood and is still feeling the weight of the dirt placed upon it. It takes much effort for the seed to keep trying, to keep sprouting but when it finally breaks through to the sunlight it begins to multiply and quickly changes from just a seed in the dark, to a full grown plant. Green and glorious with the capacity to absorb so much light through its leaves and being stronger in its roots for all the time spent in the dark.

This was beautiful imagery for me.  I wanted to cry when my friend poetically spoke this analogy to me. It was what I needed that day to keep me going. So, my friends, today I share it with you, hoping that someone else, one of you needed that same imagery. KEEP REACHING TOWARD THE LIGHT. You will break through. You will see light. You will feel light and you will be stronger for all the reaching you do. 

Thank you for sharing and @jenjamin7 for re-sharing. You are never waisting your energy when you are sharing good. ♥️