Easter Breakfast: Resurrection Rolls

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These rolls are fantastic for Easter morning. They are a great visual of why we are celebrating!

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1 package frozen roll dough

Large marshmallows 

Melted butter

Cinnamon & sugar

Let dough rise.  Flatten a roll and wrap it around a marshmallow. Seal all of the edges very tightly. Roll it in the palm of your hand to smooth it into a ball. Roll in butter and cinnamon & sugar and place on well greased 9x13 glass dish. Let rise until double in size. 

If you want you can make them this far on Saturday evening and then store them in the fridge and put them in the oven on Easter morning.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. These sweet rolls are empty, just like the tomb on Easter morning! We love to serve them with scrambled eggs, fruit and yogurt. 

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