International Womens Day


The actual definition of a feminist is someone who advocates for women’s rights being equal to men. I have a lot of feelings about this topic, of course, it’s only natural for a strong willed woman to have a lot of feelings about this topic. 

I am cheering and rooting for equality for women but I also see that we are not the same beings. Women and Men. We are so different. So while I am for equal pay and being considered in the same way for many things in life I think it is also important to celebrate who we are as women as a part of this whole movement. To celebrate the ways that we are different and the strengths that we have that are different and to see those differences as glorious. AND to use those strengths that we have to lift those around us. 

Sometimes I see the strong woman crushing the men in her path because that is what she believes she needs to be in order to stand up for herself in this world. I think we can still be incredible loving beings while walking through life with eyes wide open to equality. I think we need to be aware of what we are leaving behind in the path we are marching. Remembering that equality needs to be addressed differently in all situations. Where there is true suffrage for women, ADVOCATE and where there actually needs to be more love and encouragement coming from us females, LOVE. March on my sisters, but my hope is that you do it in love for women and for men.