Family Questions Game: Valentines


This makes for such a fun night / activity to get to know each other better. There are some questions that are golden in this line up, like...

  • Explain to your mom and dad what you know of "their story" - how they met, stories from their dates, their proposal and marriage.
  • If you had to live with another family besides your own for one year, who would you choose?
  • What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
  • Have you ever been teased at school?
  • Grade your parents - tell them how they are doing - what is working and what you would like for them to work on.
  • What is your best memory with each other?

There is a whole list of them that you can print by clicking on the button below. You can print just on regular paper or you can print on colored card stock, cut in strips and glue a heart at one end and a popsicle stick on the other. It makes for a fun family dinner to draw them out and answer while going around the table. It's a great reminder to talk to each other about things that help us really know each other.  Ramp up the love y'all!