Wonderful World


Hi all! Just popping in to remind you how WONDERFUL our world really is. 

This morning I heard on the radio about something called the Carnegie Hero Award. Have you ever heard of this? It’s amazing. It is an award given to a civilian who voluntarily risks his or her life to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the life of another person. AND to top off the heroism, the other person has to be someone that the hero is not responsible for, or in most cases complete strangers. 

The stories are heartwarming. And the most WONDERFUL part about all of this is that the commission receives many submissions per year, making it quiite the process with whom they should choose to receive the awards. 

These are acts where people didn’t have time to think or to calculate, they just acted because it was in them to do so. To me, those split second decisions are a measure of where our hearts lie. It is WONDERFUL to know that so many people act in crisis moments proving that there is so much good in this WONDERFUL world.

So if you need a little proof of the goodness in this world or a little heart warming, go read some of the stories. When we look for WONDERFUL, we find WONDERFUL. #neverstoplooking
PC @jennisyen