Quinoa Breakfast WOW Bowl

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Quinoa - cooked & warm

Red pepper - chopped

Avocado - cubed

Eggs - over easy or poached

Sprouts - see note below*

Build your bowl with peppers & the warm quinoa, stir the two together. Top with the desired amount of the rest of the ingredients.  Season with season salt of your choice. AND dig in!  Seriously I will eat this dish for breakfast lunch and dinner. Love it!  

*Sprouts - I prefer the Micro Asian Mix mad by Organic America, although any sprouts will do. The Micro Asian Mix includes basil, cabbage, cilantro, mitsuba, radish, shisho, shungiku, tatsoi, watercress, red cabbage, purple kohlrabi, and chives. Sprouts are crazy good for you and kick up the nutrition level of this dish while tasting like just what this simple dish needed!