Just. Be. Here.


Today in Yoga my guru Lisa @ Be Hot talked about where we spend our time. When we spend too much time in the past she suggested we are spinning through depression and when we spend too much in the future its stress. She encouraged us to embrace the present and to reside here, in right now. 

This is a reminder I need to revisit sometimes. I think we all do. It’s normal to feel stuck sometimes. It sucks but it is normal. Today, mostly after her pep talk, I needed to reflect on the things she said. 

While she talked about residing in the present, she also talked about doing things with our whole heart. Like not half your heart, the whole thing!  Remember the quote, "if you are going to do something, do it well” ?? Thats what I think of when I think of doing things with my whole heart. To do it right and put my energy into it, to feel it. 

Today, I was having one of those days when I just couldn’t put my whole heart into what I was trying to do. I was too busy playing around in the future. Although I wasn’t really playing - I was stressing. Which also looked like distraction and being unable to focus. Am I speaking anyone’s language? Have any of you been hanging out in the future? 

I had to pull it in. I even had to go do something else for a while that was still productive but didn’t require my whole heart, I went to the grocery store 😂  I went out into the sunshine and I listened to uplifting things. Then I prayed. All these things helped me get centered. They helped me let go of the stress, let go of my thoughts of the future and allowed me to be here. Present and back at it with my whole heart. Back where I can give and love. Back where I recognize that all I really have is today. Back in the present. Loving the right now.

XO my friends hoping you all live today in the present!