Sense of Belonging

Photo cred

my friend malea

It's no secret that I am a huge Brene' Brown fan. That girl can lay down some truth! I loved this quote by her, "Our sense of belonging cannot to be greater than our sense of self acceptance." 

This made me think of two things pretty readily. #1 is how grateful I am for things in my life that contribute to my self acceptance, (heaven knows its a daily task.) My list is yoga, outdoors and connection & communication with my Father in Heaven.

My second thought, #2 is how this quote renewed my vigor to be sure without any doubt, that my kids and my husband are completely aware of how much I accept them and admire them and have such a fierce desire to create a safe environment that they call home. I want them to feel that safety because I know this world creates loads of areas for self doubt. I know that by participating in rituals that help me on my road of constant self acceptance they feel my confidence and desire to belong to them as their mother and wife. 

Keep swimming my friends. Stay with the rituals that make you your best self. And throw that love around like confetti!