Treat Your Attention With Respect

Photo cred

my friend malea

If you treat your attention with respect, you allow it to stay whole, you preserve your ability to concentrate, you can actually do one thing after another with intensity & intensity can be traded for time.    - Dr Cal Newport

This quote is from a Ted talk that I recently watched and it resonated with me. I feel like this quote is so true for me. I find that if I am true to myself this way, I really can accomplish so much. It is when I am living distracted, with not enough “intention” time that I feel off track with my accomplishments. 

It applies to yoga as well, in a BIG way. If I am attempting a pose like this, I have to be, what we say in yoga, present. It is a way of declaring the need for concentration without allowing your thoughts to wander. If I don’t concentrate in this pose, I end up in the water!