True Story: Malasana

Photo cred

my friend malea

You guys this is a true story! And I'm not even sure if it is embarrassing, funny or maybe even redeeming?!?

Ok, so I was on the lake, alone. I had gone out for a little paddle and a private yoga session. The lake was still and calm and there were only a few people I passed by during my paddle. I stopped where I wanted to do a little yoga and went through my entire yoga flow on the paddle board. I was a little in awe of my surroundings during my flow. The lake was serene and beautiful. It was a time of revenant connection. 

At the end of my practice a assumed Malasana. This is the squat pose you see in the picture. With my hands in prayer position, I began to pray, out loud. I poured out my soul. Why shouldn't I? I was alone.

Photo cred

my friend malea

During my practice / prayer I had slowly floated toward the shore of the lake. When I opened my eyes there was a couple sitting on the rocks about 10 feet away from me! I was in a little bit of shock. When I noticed them, they immediately complimented me on my "beautiful workout." I was a little sheepish but accepted the compliment gracefully and quickly paddled away.

As I paddled away I thought. "Could they hear me? Did they hear everything I said?" For a minute I told myself they didn't but the more realistic side of me set in and said, "OF COURSE THEY DID!"😂

I was a little embarrassed at that realization. Then as I processed it,  I thought, you know maybe it's not such a bad thing to be caught doing and maybe they realized that every single one of us are really the same. If we all poured out our souls we would probably all sound similar. For me especially that day, I was in awe of Gods creations. I remember I said plenty about that. I expressed gratitude & then I also expressed desire for help with challenges and struggles . You know, aren't we all saying similar things? It's funny, if we could somehow hear the prayers of those around us how we might relate to them differently.

Today, maybe think about that. Try to see someone for what is inside their heart, like if you happened to creep on them when they were pouring out their souls! 

And remember not all embarrassing moments should be seen as such!