Hard Things

Photo cred

my friend malea

Breath in yoga is purposeful. This morning in our class we talked about how the inhale is the preparation and the gathering of strength to go into the pose and the exhalation is the release of the pose.

It’s this way in life too. A deep breath in can help us as we prepare to go into tough situations; presenting something to a crowd, a conversation with a loved one, a big day on little sleep. All sorts of things that are just a part of life. 

It makes me think of my friend Megan and a time she had to deal with something really hard, like really hard. She had prayed mightily about the situation and felt inspired to have a tough conversation with someone in her life. She pulled up to the house and before she got out of the car she took a deep breath in and said, “Ok Heavenly Father; 1,2,3, here we go.” Her approach to going into a tough situation has stayed with me for a long time. 

Life is tough. I love the reminder to breathe as I go into it and to call upon God, power that is bigger than myself to get through it.