Panache Swimsuits

As far as swimsuits go, mine have to have a bra! Its just the way it is with me, my age and sadly in this society where many ladies have an augmentation, I don't. Not really sad about the fact that I don't have one, I'm just stating "sad" because augmentation is the norm and our society is pretty wrapped up in body image. But as far as I go, personally, its just I don't have the natural lift I once had. I have nursed four babies and so glad I did. PLUS even if you still have a lot of that natural lift going on, if you don't take care of it you loose it! Just ask my cute Columbian friend, Caroll, who shared with me that all of the ladies in Columbia sleep with a full on bra so they don't loose their lift over time! (PS when she told me this I started to sleep with a sports bra, a little more comfy, and I swear it made a difference. Like, I promise you!)

So back to the topic at hand, SWIMSUITS!  I love finding a good suit, it just makes you feel great! I have been wearing panache suits for about 10 years now and I am so thrilled that this company exists! I love that when I take off my clothes (in front of people 😂 ) I have the support I need, Thank you Panache for your quest to help women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful!