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my friend malea

Life is a complete balancing act, am I right? Balancing activities, thoughts, feelings, play time, productive time, spiritual time, eating habits, clean/indulging, self care, home care, all these types of things and then, through in kids, family and work! Yeah, life is a complete balancing act. 

In yoga there is some talk of staying present in the moment. On my side of the mat, this is the largest contributor to my balance in a pose. The minute my mind goes somewhere else it is a high possibility that I fall.  

In life when I am overwhelmed with so many things I find myself crippled. Stopped. Falling. You know what I am talking about? Yeah, I despise that feeling. What really happens, usually, is that I default to doing something that accomplishes none of the above! 

Taking a minute to pinpoint the top priority helps me realign and focus!  If I can get present and focused on that task then I have a clear mind to work on what is in my path. Living in our day we will continue to be absolutely bombarded by many tasks and distractions. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind some Little House on the Prairie action! I love the practice of yoga and the way it reminds me to, go to a place free of distractions in my mind and the way that practice helps me focus in modern-day life. Give me some more of where that comes from!